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Should fishing for eels be allowed during the Coronavirus outbreak?

A company running a fish farm near Gloucester has defended its operation after being criticised for continuing during the Coronavirus crisis. UK Glass Eels, based at Over, near Gloucester, has been catching and distributing glass eels since the early 1970s. Hundreds of fishermen and women on the rivers Severn, Wye and Parrett provide owner Peter Wood with stock. But with …

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Angling Notes: A strange fishing day

Apart from regularly hooking themselves, fishermen often hook old boots, fence posts, cows and other animals. They don’t mean to do it; it just happens. Occasionally it happens in a way that is quite out of the ordinary. In 1910, a man fishing for trout on the river Test below Winchester in Hampshire, caught a tree. He’d been trying to …

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Angling Notes: Fly fisher supreme Shields claims Carrigavantry Cup

FROM my perspective angling continues to remain in the doldrums. Reports from around the country are scarce, almost negligible as club and open competitions are postponed or cancelled left, right and centre. Of course these decisions are absolutely correct as Covid-19 continues to take hold and it is vital to rigidly adhere to the expert medical advice available. My disappointment …

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Angling Notes: Pride of place for a big catch with a difference

At the time of writing, maybe, just maybe, the signs suggest we may get to wet a line before the end of season. I, for one anyway, continue to remain optimistic! Even if we do get there, social distancing will probably be with us well into 2021. Meanwhile, I continue with more entertaining and bizarre tales gathered from around the …

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