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Call for Ditchling angling anathema after swans injured

Image copyright WRAS Image caption The discovered swan indispensable an operation to mislay a fishing offshoot from a tongue A wildlife gift is job for fishing to be criminialized during an East Sussex venue after deserted angling apparatus caused injuries to 25 swans. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue pronounced it had discovered 25 birds in a final 12 months during Ditchling …

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Super gran saves shark from fishing line while scuba diving off Devon coast

This is a jawesome impulse a scuba diving gran saved a shark that was snagged on fishing lines. Michelle Walton, 53, was on a diving holiday off a seashore during Hallsands, south Devon, with her partner, Peter Love, 52, when they speckled a stranded catshark. It was stranded on a double offshoot and thrashing vigourously so a integrate dived down …

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ANGLING: Dave Hawkins wins latest turn of Oxford Carp League

DAVE Hawkins came out on tip in a 11th turn of a Oxford Carp League. The Didcot angler saw off his 8 rivals during Extension Pool, Tunnel Barn Farm. Hawkins weighed in with 107lbs 10oz 0drms, fishing pellets opposite to a reed bed to lure carp. Steve Cantwell (Harwell) was a runner-up with 92.12.0, while caster shoal helped Steve Page …

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