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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Death threat angler warned he’ll be sleeping with the fishes after landing Britain’s biggest carp

It was caught by the Essex angler from RH Fisheries-run The Avenue Fishery in Shropshire. Mr Doherty, of Basildon, caught the fish on Monday. He said: “I don’t understand the mentality. All I did was cast a bait in a lake. Contentious issues come out in carp fishing.” He added: “Part of me regrets catching it.” RH Fisheries announced the news …

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Swan found with a hook through tongue in Wellingborough

Image copyright RSPCA Image caption The swan was found with a hook through its tongue at Nene Wharf in Wellingborough A swan “could have starved to death” if a large fishing hook not been removed from his tongue. The RSPCA said the bird was unable to feed because of hook, which also had a line attached. A member of the …

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Farmoor Reservoir closes fishery in heatwave

ANGLING has been temporarily banned at Farmoor Reservoir as staff battle to save fish from the heatwave. High water temperatures have killed off some fish in the reservoir near Oxford, starving them of oxygen. Thames Water, which manages the reservoir, is working to improve water conditions as the hot weather continues and has installed temporary pumps to aerate the water. It estimated …

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