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Daily Archives: October 2, 2019

Fireworks in Cardiff 2019

Fireworks in Cardiff - Sophiaworks

Fireworks in Cardiff – Displays Every year the Fireworks in Cardiff seem to get better and better in comparison with previous years. The annual firework events now often include guest host presenters, music as well as  food and drink. You can even enjoy Bonfire night fireworks from the warmth of a hospitality suite if you so desire. Basic Firework Planning …

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Mystery of a disintegrating loch in a Cairngorms

Disappearing Loch

‘It’s like somebody’s pulled a plug’ on a loch A loch in a Highlands has been losing millions of gallons of H2O given Sep final year. Loch Vaa, circuitously Aviemore, is fed by a open and a customarily water-lapped boathouse has been a renouned theme for photographers and artists. But a lease-holders, who offer a loch to a internal village …

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Bike hire for patients on prescription by doctors

Next Bikes cardiff

Patients in parts of Cardiff are going to be given prescriptions for bike rides in what is the first scheme of its kind in the UK. It is part of attempts to cut the risk of death from heart disease. GPs in the city will be testing out using the nextbikes for the next couple of months after the scheme …

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