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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Thieves steal four-figure sum of high value equipment from Fife business

Police are investigating after angling equipment worth thousands of pounds was stolen from a Fife fishery business. The owners of Raith Lake Fly Fishing, which is based on Boglily Road just outside Kirkcaldy, have been devastated by the break-in which happened sometime between closing time on Monday at 4pm and 8.30am on Tuesday. The owners Craig and Rachael Scott say …

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Angler lands record 68lb catch, ending a 10-year mission

Greengrocer Dean, 53, caught the giant mirror carp – nicknamed because of its beak-like mouth – after fishing for three years at Cranwells Lake on the Wasing Estate near Newbury, Berks.  He had waited seven years to get a licence to fish the waters where The Parrot has lured countless anglers.  Dean, from Caversham, Berks, spent 30 minutes reeling in …

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Angry angler nets £1,855 court bill – after fishing without a licence

Angry angler George Holland has been ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £1,855.81 – after becoming abusive when he was caught fishing at a beauty spot without a licence. A water bailiff approached the 51-year-old after he turned up at Isaak Walton Fishery, near Stone, without a £30 licence. But the defendant started threatening the Environment Agency (EA) enforcement …

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Shocked teenager catches alien-like fish with ‘head of lion and tail of dragon’

A young fisherman who set out to reel in some halibut got the shock of his life when an alien-like fish took his bait. Oscar Lundahl, 19, nearly jumped out of his fishing boat when he saw the bizarre-looking species with bulbous eyes on the end of his line. The specimen is in actual fact a ratfish, whose Latin name …

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Towie’s Ricky Rayment ditches reality TV for life of fishing

Ricky sure is imaginative when it comes to his angling line (Picture: Instagram/@filthyhooker) Not content with a life living the dream as a member of the Towie crew, reality star Ricky Rayment has thrown in the TV towel to launch a fishing clothing line. Yes, you read that right. The reality star, who was on Towie from series four to …

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Letters: Prospect of the most catastrophic hard-Left government ever seen

SIR – Even if Lord Kerslake (report, November 26) is right and Labour is willing to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader to facilitate a coalition of Remain, in the event of a hung parliament the Liberal Democrats should run for the hills, because it won’t change anything. The hard Left has taken control of the Parliamentary Labour Party. Mr Corbyn is …

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Ten year old boy catches 21lb trout while out with fishing with his father – Wales Online

This was the monster fish tiny Richard Ricketts landed after a 10-minute battle with the beast. The 10-year-old landed the 21lbs creature while out fly fishing with his dad. At 35ins long, the rainbow trout is almost as tall as 4ft 10in Richard – and it weighs a third of the lad’s 5st. Richard said: “I cast my line out …

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Toilet cleaning, Proven limescale removal from your toilet.

Toilet cleaning limescale removal

Search the internet for, descaling your toilet, toilet cleaning or limescale removal and methods using lemon juice, distilled vinegar, borax, coca cola and combinations of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are all mentioned. Having tried the following to various degrees of success we thought you might like to know about how we resolved the problem. This is a list of …

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Watch a kayaker catch this live SHARK off the coast of West Wales

This video shows the moment a kayaker catches a live shark off the coast of West Wales. It was taken and uploaded to Youtube by Greg Bowes, who was out fishing for tope sharks last week. Read More Related Articles Rare underwater footage shows a pod of dolphins playfully race at high speed The video shows Greg throw some bait …

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The serious damage caused by flushing wet wipes down the toilet

wipes causing blockage

Wet wipes might appear to be a convenient cleaning product but they could be costing us all millions of pounds every year. Across the UK, wet wipes wrongly-labelled “flushable” are thought to be responsible for about 93% of sewage blockages in the UK. Welsh Water alone estimates it tackles about 2,000 blockages every month, at a cost of about £7 …

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