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A truly huge fish has been held off a Welsh coast

A truly outrageous fish has been held off a seashore of Wales.

Andrew Alsop runs his possess charter business and was holding some business shark fishing off a seashore of Neyland nearby Pembrokeshire .

Commercial fisherman Gavin Davies had charted Andrew’s vessel yesterday to take some of his staff out for a day.

They were not targeting tuna and were regulating comparatively lightweight equipment. But they finished adult throwing this beast fish whose weight has been reliable during 505lbs.

Andrew Alsop with a outrageous tuna
(Image: Andrew Alsop)

And when they knew they had snagged something large they asked gifted angler Andrew for help.

He said: “It was a bit of a bizarre one. Gavin has charted my vessel before and he takes his boys from work each year. we don’t routinely fish on these trips. It is surprising to get a tuna since they don’t routinely take anything.

“They knew it was large and Gavin pronounced we should take a rod and he would take a controls. we know how prolonged it can take with tuna since we had a prior one that took 5 hours. This one was reduction during about dual hours and 15 minutes. we had formerly held one that was 315lbs though that was with large complicated gear. We didn’t realize how large it was since of a tackle we were regulating until it pennyless a surface.”

After his conflict 49-year-old Andrew was feeling a strain.

“I am painful now!” he said. “It was a genuine battle. To be fair, a others were giving me drinks.”

Andrew, who runs White Water Charters in Penarth, is no foreigner to throwing outrageous animals of a deep.

Andrew usually had a tiny rod to work with
(Image: Andrew Alsop)

(Image: Andrew Alsop)

He was a initial angler to locate 5 opposite class of fish over 100lbs in a British isles.

After a discerning print with a tuna they returned it to a sea.

Andrew took to Facebook to uncover off his catch. He wrote: “I held a fish of a lifetime currently after a 2hr 15min pain locker conflict on my possess 20/40 Blue Dog rod fraudulent with a FIN-NOR 30 reel.

This 460lb-plus [now reliable during 505lb] bluefin tuna is now a biggest fish ever landed from Welsh waters. I’d only like to appreciate Gavin Davies and his boys for assisting me kick a outrageous fish.

“Nothing improved than my possess vessel and my possess designed rod. An extraordinary feeling battling a beast on such light tackle and winning.”

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