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Alarm sounded over descending salmon bonds on Scottish rivers

Fishing on a River TweedImage copyright
Andrew Curtis

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Fishing on a River Tweed is value millions to a Borders economy

Concerns over a long-term decrease in salmon bonds on Scotland’s vital rivers have been taken to Holyrood.

Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire MSP Rachael Hamilton highlighted a conditions on a likes of a River Tweed, Spey, Dee and Tay.

She flagged adult a series of jobs – about 2,800 – upheld by angling and a £100m grant to a economy.

However, she pronounced that over many years a success of Scottish fishing had “taken a knock”.

Ms Hamilton told a Scottish Parliament there was “no singular cause” for a decrease in salmon bonds though a impact was being felt “right opposite farming Scotland”.

“It is time for us to take movement and tackle a issues conduct on,” she said, before job for a assembly of all a stakeholders to “forge a approach forward”.

Ian Farr, a ghillie on a Bemersyde Estate in a Borders, pronounced in a created acquiescence to MSPs that he had witnessed a “serious decline” on a River Tweed over some-more than 3 decades operative in a area.

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A series of factors have been blamed for a decrease in salmon numbers

He pronounced predators – quite goosanders and cormorants – had “increased considerably” and indispensable to be “reduced and controlled” along with sign numbers.

Mr Farr also pronounced synthetic impediments – weirs or dams compared with former mills – should be private to assistance fish pierce some-more easily.

“People come from all over a world, generally Belgium, Germany, Norway and Sweden, as good as a rest of a UK to fish on a Tweed,” he said.

“They come for a competition and a ambience of Scotland, that they see as a hearth of salmon fishing.

“The Tay, Spey, Dee and Tweed are believed to be a best salmon rivers and are a many famous in a world. We are starting to remove that prowess.”

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David Chatterton

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Ms Hamilton pronounced it was time to tackle a issues surrounding salmon bonds “head-on”

He pronounced a decrease was inspiring internal economies with people “holding off” engagement fishing trips to see how numbers were holding up.

“On Monday this week, there were around 500-600 people on Scotland’s 4 vital rivers, though they usually held 20 fish between them,” he said.

Mr Farr pronounced that lifted concerns about a viability of a industry.

“I severely fear that this could be a final era of salmon fishing in Scotland and a final era of full-time ghillies,” he said.

“The whole attention could only swab away,” he added.

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