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Home / Sporting Events / Cardiff City FC / ANDREAS CORNELIUS: THE DOSSIER


So what do we know about Andreas Cornelius so far?

Well, he’s a full Denmark international at the tender age of 20, stands at 6’4” tall and bagged 18 goals in the Danish Superliga last season as his former club FC Copenhagen marched on to become the country’s Champions. He finished the season as the country’s top-scorer and is admired across Europe as one of the continent’s very brightest young prospects.


Cardiff City beat all the competition to secure the young man’s signature; it’s fair to say that this is a huge statement of ambition and intent.


A viewing of Copehagen’s YouTube show-reel of Andreas (CLICK HERE) will give City supporters a comprehensive taste of what to expect. You’d expect him to be an aerial threat at 6’4”, but it’s perhaps his reading of the ball in flight and airborne dexterity that mark him out as more than the traditional target-man, (note how he beats his man at 1.11 and 1.30 in the clip).


Furthermore, Andreas’ fleet-footed ability at ground level is a joy to watch for the football purist. Predominantly left-footed but equally adept with his right, the Dane’s debut goal for Denmark at senior level (CLICK HERE) is a breath-taking example of his capabilities regardless of where the ball falls for him inside or outside of the area.


It appears that Malky Mackay, Iain Moody and their recruitment staff have procured a frightening talent. The summer has begun.

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