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Angler caught freaky fish with two mouths that will make you shudder

Photos of two-mouthed fish
Angler Debbie Geddes was stunned to catch this mutant fish with two mouths while fishing on Lake Champlain in upstate New York (Pictures: NBC6)

An experienced angler was stunned to catch a mutant fish with two mouths.

Debbie Geddes reeled in the freakish animal during a fishing trip on Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York state earlier this month with her husband.

Geddes let the fish go unharmed, but not before taking a few snaps of it.

Recalling her close encounter with the unusual creature, Geddes told NBC5: ‘I pulled it in, it felt extra heavy…I thought “This is a good one”.

‘(I) got it in and saw two mouths on it.’

Photo of angler Debbie Geddes
Geddes took several snaps of the fish before letting it go – and says she is none the wiser about what might have caused the animal’s unusual appearance (Picture: NBC5)

Geddes sent the snaps to her co-worker Adam Facteau, who posted them on Facebook after conceding the fish looked ‘pretty scary.’

They have since been widely shared around the world, sparking multiple theories about the unusual lake creature.

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Some people have speculated that the fish may have been injured by a fishing hook that tore open a flap of skin under its mouth.

Bizarrely, some people have blamed Donald Trump, while others have compared it to a mutant fish with multiple eyes featured in TV cartoon The Simpsons.

Many locals have also questioned whether it could be related to Champy – a mythical lake monster believed to live in Lake Champlain.

According to newspaper reports, a fisherman first saw Champy in 1819, and likened the creature to an ‘enormous serpentine monster’ measuring 187 feet long.

Facteau told NBC5: ‘I’ve had messages from all over the world, like people asking about this fish and it seems like everybody’s got an opinion on what is the cause of this fish having two mouths.’

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