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Angler found drowned after fishing in River Dee

An angler from North Wales was found drowned in a River Dee, an inquisition has heard.

But it will never be famous how accurately Noel Vincent Holdsworth, 71, who was creatively from Caernarfon, came to accommodate his death.

Mr Holdsworth, who was famous as ‘Vince’, was final seen alive by a military officer on Jun 15, while fishing during Sandy Lane in Chester.

His physique was after speckled in a stream in a same area by rowing manager Duncan Little on Jun 20, CheshireLive reports.

The inquisition listened Mr Holdsworth had a story of suicidal thoughts and attempts though a autopsy hearing suggested he had been celebration so could have depressed in.

His partner Penny Davies, from Tarporley in Cheshire, who had been in a attribute with Mr Holdsworth for six-and-a-half years though had famous him 10 years, was wakeful he suffered from depression. She told a inquisition he went fishing as ‘an escape’.

Speaking afterwards, Ms Davies pronounced Vince had struggled ever given a genocide of his three-year-old daughter Carol in a highway collision many years ago.

He had also served with a Welsh ordain in Germany and France during a Cold War and had remained a reservist.

She felt a detriment of his ‘pretty’ immature daughter total with his practice in a Army had played on his mind.

Ms Davies added: “He was really good favourite in Chester. He would always assistance a crony in need. There’s been dozens of people seeking after him. They were really shocked. They can’t trust he’s gone.

“He used to assistance caring for my silent and my silent is anticipating it really tough to come to terms with. He was inexhaustible with money. It was a while ago though he also helped children during a roving propagandize for a disabled.”

He had other jobs over a years as a cook and gardener and was a outrageous inlet lover.

She pronounced Vince’s ex-wife Anwen and his other daughter Sue-Ellen had attended his funeral.

“I feel Vince’s suggestion lives on, “ combined Ms Davies, who is perplexing to snippet Vince’s hermit Peter, who might be unknowingly of what has happened.

Heath Westerman, an partner coroner for Cheshire, pronounced there was no justification that could medically explain a genocide such as a heart conflict and no witnesses or CCTV.

He available an open conclusion, adding it would be pristine conjecture to contend how Mr Holdsworth, of Christleton Road, Boughton in Chester, had entered a water.

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