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Anglers hope youngsters will take the bait and join the sport to save fishing from going under

He said: “The agency recognises angling in England has an ageing demographic, so we are promoting ways to encourage younger anglers by dropping the licence price for juniors and not requiring them for children aged 12 and under.”

The freshwater angling industry alone is estimated to contribute nearly £1.5 billion to the economy and support 27,000 full time jobs. Sea angling generates another billion pounds and at least 10,000 jobs.

Mr Lloyd believes pollution and recent hot weather leading to dwindling stocks and low river flows have added to the drop of in numbers.

The trust is contacting angling clubs, fisheries and companies involved in the industry as well as holding regional forums to seek views on ways to boost numbers.

The trust will also hold a Future Angling conference to draw up a strategy to try to help promote the sport.

Paul Whitehouse, who starred in the BBC’s Gone Fishing series with Bob Mortimer, said he “applauds” the trust’s campaign.

He told the Sunday Telegraph: “Fishing is a fantastic tonic for the pressures of modern life and, as Bob and I found, a great pastime for friends to do together.  

“Being surrounded by nature, going to beautiful places and spending time beside water are all vital to our well-being.”

It is hoped the more women, ethnic minorities and new arrivals to Britain will help to boost the numbers of anglers. One of the latest groups to join the trust is the Romanian Angling Club UK which was set up after the trust’s  “building bridges programme” which aimed to integrate migrant anglers.

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