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Anglers still not allowed on some parts of River Severn in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries is not opening its waters, including along the River Severn, until June 1 due to concerns that the general public will be exercising near its locations.

However Shrewsbury Anglers Club, which has fisheries at a number of locations including along the Severn at Preston Boats, Shelton, The Albrighton and Pimley Manor, is once again open.

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries runs fishing spots along the Severn at Emstrey, the Quarry Park, County Ground, Coney Green, Sydney Avenue and Monkmoor as well as on Rea Brook and at Radbrook and Mousecroft pools.

Andy Jones, fishery coordinator, said: “After discussions today with Shrewsbury Town Council who own our fisheries, we have decided that, due to the general public being present at our various locations for exercise, it would be sensible to keep our fisheries closed for fishing until June 1.

“We have to think of everyone’s safety including our staff. We will review the situation by June 1.

“With respect to the rivers being closed and with Mousecroft pool’s development works for two weeks, we would in any case only have Radbrook pool to satisfy angling for our members.”

He added: “We want everyone to get back to angling as soon as possible, to enjoy they’re sport but remain safe. We have added four months onto every members season permit for this year, provided you all renew your permit by it’s renewal date.

“This helps compensate for your lost fishing time. I know this year has been difficult to all our members with floods and now this. We will get back as soon as we can and we will keep improving your fisheries to help you enjoy the sport you love.”

Chris Wood, from Shrewsbury Anglers Club, said: “Our waters are open for salmon and trout fishing.”

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