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ANGLING: Dave Hawkins wins latest turn of Oxford Carp League

DAVE Hawkins came out on tip in a 11th turn of a Oxford Carp League.

The Didcot angler saw off his 8 rivals during Extension Pool, Tunnel Barn Farm.

Hawkins weighed in with 107lbs 10oz 0drms, fishing pellets opposite to a reed bed to lure carp.

Steve Cantwell (Harwell) was a runner-up with 92.12.0, while caster shoal helped Steve Page (Oxford) to third place with 79.10.0.

Drennan Oxford Aqua dominated a annual Turner 400, fished by 25 teams of 4 on a Upper Thames between Radcot and Rushey.

They took a pretension with a glorious 92 out of a probable 100 points.

Not usually did they win a group event, though they also had a tip dual in a match.

Tom Hobbs, pegged on a Rushey section, took tip mark with 8 chub for 33lb on worm over clout worm on a stick during 16m.

Steve Harwood was second with 13.0.0 of roach on stick fished caster from a Radcot section.


Oakfield Fishery (Monday, Brook, 11 pegs): 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 73.4.0, 2 A Foulkes (Dynamite Oakfield) 50.5.0, 3 T Need 44.6.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Wednesday, Red Kite, 12 pegs): 1 J Rogers (Frenzee GOT Baits) 116.11.0, 2 D Howe (Browning Crowparts) 111.2.0, 3 R Makins (GOT Baits) 95.14.8.

Oakfield Fishery (Saturday, Red Kite Brook, 15 pegs): 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 106.8.0, 2 C Davis (Dynamite Oakfield) 89.3.0, 3 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 67.1.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Sunday, Red Kite, 15 pegs): 1 A Hayle 54.4.0, 2 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 51.14.0, 3 K Cooper 51.6.0.

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