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Angling for success: World Fishing Day hopes to get us hooked

Once an constituent partial of childhood, fishing is no longer casting a sorcery over today’s kids. But. discovers Caroline Lindsay, World Fishing Day skeleton to change all that and get them hooked

It’s 1962 and, legs swinging over a corner of a pier, a quarrel of small boys lay fishing in Broughty Ferry harbour. With zero some-more on their minds other than what they competence catch, it’s a stage from a ended epoch – quick brazen 50 years and you’re some-more expected to see today’s kids mesmerized by their mobiles or transfixed by TV.

But that could all be about to change. The initial ever World Fishing Day takes place on Jun 23 to applaud all things unlikely and a organisers wish it will attract a whole new era of immature anglers to a sport.

World Fishing Day’s 24-hour live promote will revisit 24 locations including Croatia, a Bahamas, Australia, South Africa, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, a UK and a USA, showcasing a informative stress and many health advantages of a sport, together with a significance of anglers’ grant to furious fish charge worldwide.

After investigate suggested that fishing is a life ability that today’s dads are no longer training their children, Fishing TV aims to combine a tellurian angling community, move new people into a sport, applaud a joys of angling and prominence a energy of angling to make certain changes in a universe and in people’s lives.

A high sequence indeed but, as Fishing TV’s blurb executive Ed Burdass explains, it’s all about reigniting a primal ability that’s been around given a emergence of time.

Ed Burgass. Below: with brownish-red trout.

“Fishing is a good approach to give youngsters purpose and get them outdoors, while training them honour for a environment,” he says.

Ed explains that a suspicion of World Fishing Day was desirous by Norwegian TV channel NRK’s trend for ‘slow TV’ – television’s chronicle of holding a low breath. Programmes embody a 24-hour rail tour opposite Norway, with a camera trustworthy to a front of a train, streamed live, and an 18-hour salmon fishing programme.

“There was a outrageous response to them,” says Ed, “so we suspicion ‘why don’t we do something identical and tide it worldwide’.”

“By holding World Fishing Day, we are means to fight a fact that families are no longer fishing together like they once did,” says Ed.

“As a child, we mostly went fishing with my father and some of my fondest memories are from a stream bank. As a father myself, this is something that I’m penetrating to pass on to destiny generations.

“Our ultimate thought for World Fishing Day is to move some-more people into a competition of angling, quite women and children, while also shedding a light on a charge issues surrounding fishing and highlighting fishing’s energy to urge people’s lives around a world.”

Ian Lindsay, former Evening Telegraph and Planet Sea Fishing columnist, is a lifelong sea angler who schooled a ropes from his father from a age of nine.

“I was streamer out to sea on my dad’s vessel though him by a age of 12,” he recalls.

“Angling has never mislaid a interest for me. Catching few fish or no fish doesn’t spoil a altogether knowledge of jumping in my vessel and literally removing divided from it all for a few hours,” he continues.

“Youngsters maybe aren’t wakeful of a devout advantages of being outdoors, of being tighten to nature, though those who try it and are propitious adequate to benefit certain early use are mostly hooked.

“Many parents, brave we contend many parents, spend so most time worrying that their children competence not be protected that they indeed inspire them to stay cosseted indoors and in my opinion that’s unhappy as their kids skip out on so many smashing opportunities.”

While today’s women competence not be bending on fishing (less than 10% of anglers are female), historically they have been vital players. The unequivocally initial English letter on recreational fishing – Treatyse of Fysshinge wyth an Angle – was created by Dame Juliana Berners, a prioress of a Benedictine nunnery, in 1496, while Georgina Ballantine held a largest salmon (64llbs) ever bending in Britain on a River Tay in 1922.

Courier Weekend columnist and consultant fly fisherman Fiona Armstrong, who will be hosting a live discuss about a predicament of a Atlantic salmon, agrees with Ed that it’s critical for children to collect adult a entertainment like fishing, to get them into a good outdoors.

“I adore fishing – it’s unequivocally healing and we adore a companionship,” she enthuses.

“Learning to fish – either it’s fly, counterfeit or sea fishing – teaches kids about teamwork, nature, charge and how to fish responsibly.

“I’m connected with a integrate of girl fishing charities and see during initial palm a outcome of removing youngsters out – maybe they’ve never seen a fish before and a fun can be life changing.”

Angling for Youth Development (AFYD) is one such beginning – a grounds is that introducing immature people to a inestimable hobby like angling helps revoke anti-social behaviour.

John Cameron, coordinator for a East Perthshire group, explains: “Not usually are a students taught about angling and all that entails, they learn about operative together as a group and as an individual; concentration; primer dexterity; science, environmental issues and so on,” he continues.

“Not each child is educational or has a same abilities – we work with children of all abilities and conditions, with some unequivocally startling results.

“For example, a series of a students took partial in a coaching march and have turn fully-fledged coaches themselves. That’s helped them in their careers as they have some-more certainty in their possess particular abilities. The lessons schooled within AFYD will mount them in good stead for a rest of their lives.”

Another gift ardent about sea preparation and removing kids sea fishing is a Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN).

“We offer taster sessions to give an suspicion of what sea-angling is about and techniques successful fishing while following best use guides,” says Amie Williams of SSACN.

“Fishing is an eventuality for a child to learn a ability and suffer a good outdoor and during a same time provides a height to learn about food chains, food webs and a significance of sustainability,” she continues.

“Angling of any kind not usually encourages amicable interactions and practice though also certain mental attributes such as reduced anxiety, feelings of complacency and relaxation.

“World Fishing Day is a illusory eventuality to concentration on a advantages subsequent from angling.”

Mainland Scotland has some-more than 6,000 miles of seashore so there’s no necessity of sea fishing opportunities. John Goodlad, former CEO of a Shetland Fishermen’s Association and author of The Cod Hunters (a chronological account about cod fishing in a 19th Century) welcomes a judgment of World Fishing Day.

“Fishing is a life ability and we’re in risk of children flourishing adult with a undo between food and where it comes from.

“The good pleasure of fishing is we locate your possess tea, we prepare it, we eat it and zero tastes better. It’s an implausible couple we’re in risk of losing.” And with a new consult display that one in 5 children trust fish fingers are done from chicken, his recommendation couldn’t come during a improved time.

But if one small boy’s unrestrained for fishing is anything to go by, a destiny of angling is looking bright, as silent of 3 Nora McElhone explains: “‘Can we go fishing now, can we go fishing now, can we go fishing now?’” From an afternoon spent throwing crabs, shrimp and other tiddlers in stone pools to a possibility to take a rod and line down to a pier, a nine-year-old son has always been preoccupied with throwing and eating a fruits of a sea,” she says.

“His adventures with father or granda and a fishing rod are nonetheless to produce a whopper though he adores being concerned in cooking anything that comes from these trips, either it’s a few foraged mussels or a handful of shrimp.

“He takes a tour from sea to image in his walk and it is a fun to watch.”

16th Century author Izaak Walton noted: “I have laid aside business and left a-fishing.” Perhaps there’s a doctrine there for all of us.


Fishing TV is a video on direct platform

There will be a Hens and Bairns AFYD eventuality during Meikleour Fishings in July. To find out some-more revisit their Facebook page or email Claire Mercer Nairne during


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