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Angling: Jamie Hughes dominates at Downholland’s Mistral

Top Wirral match man Jamie Hughes made the trip over the water worthwhile this week, as he ‘smashed’ the field at Downholland’s Mistral once again.

Having taken several wins already over the past few weeks including breaking the lake record with an amazing 362.8.0, Hughes, Map’s three times Fish ‘O’ champion was at it again on Sunday by clearly dominating this now mature fishery across the Lancashire border.

Interestingly as many top rods have dominated this premier venue using very long pole tactics over recent years, now many of the terrific weights being built are actually by way of fishing short and priming the margins to take the numerous ‘lumps’ that are responsible for amassing these huge match weights being taken.

Hughes on peg 5 did just that, opting for a pellet approach at 6 meters, then switching to corn in the margins, he took quality carp to 6lb for a total winning weight of 157.12.0.

Choosing a corn approach for the day on peg 21 was fellow Wirral man James Howson, who took a creditable second place with carp for 133.10.0.

Wirral’s Gary Baugh took fourth with 121.12.

Tackle Tarts rod Paul Fletcher broke the Wirral lads’ domination by putting together another weight over the ton, taking 123.2.0 on pellet for third.

Still on the commercials the Alliance Leicester lads took a trip over to the ever popular Catteries in Eccleston in Lancashire for this their latest club outing.

Even though they were overwhelmed by the prevailing wind and rain all-day, Sunday’s trip saw an excellent day on the competition stakes, as only 20lb separated the top seven of the sixteen competing.

Peter Foster’s pellet catch for 69lb took the top honours pipping Billy Smith’s 66lb.

Third place went to the club’s founding member Kevin Bradshaw, who on celebrating his sixtieth birthday this weekend took a creditable 54lb.

Carr Mill Dam, a natural fishery that is in terrific form, once again held the annual two-day August Bank Holiday Festival that took place on Sunday and Monday.

This saw many anglers travelling from all over the region.

Swept by wind and a constant downpour throughout the day on Sunday, true to form it also fished brilliantly.

Day one saw local expert Phil Holland needing no introduction on drawing his end peg near the arches, as he put together a bream catch on the tip for 32.12.0.

Bolton’s Paul Swift took 28.15.0 on the tip as Wirral’s Derek Bennett took third place with three hundred plus pole fish caught for 22.4.0.

Day two then saw Jimmy Crossley taking the day’s Honours with 41.14 and Darren Garwood taking second with 40.02.0.

Those weights saw Darren finishing overall second with a total 51.4.0 and Crossley third with 49.0.6. Simon Wilkinson’s 20.0.2 day one catch was topped by a 28.14 which saw him take fourth overall with 49lb.

Bennett was consistent as ever on the pole and took another 21.10.0 for a total 43.14.0 and fifth place.

Stephen ’Badger’ Lacey took sixth place with 42.20.

Superbly, Holland took the festival honours with a total 55.0.1 worth £600.

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