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Angling: Jamie Hughes dominates during Downholland’s Mistral

Top Wirral compare male Jamie Hughes done a tour over a H2O inestimable this week, as he ‘smashed’ a margin during Downholland’s Mistral once again.

Having taken several wins already over a past few weeks including violation a lake record with an extraordinary 362.8.0, Hughes, Map’s 3 times Fish ‘O’ champion was during it again on Sunday by clearly winning this now mature fishery opposite a Lancashire border.

Interestingly as many tip rods have dominated this premier venue regulating really prolonged stick strategy over new years, now many of a superb weights being built are indeed by proceed of fishing brief and decoration a margins to take a countless ‘lumps’ that are obliged for aggregation these outrageous compare weights being taken.

Hughes on brace 5 did usually that, opting for a particle proceed during 6 meters, afterwards switching to corn in a margins, he took peculiarity canopy to 6lb for a sum winning weight of 157.12.0.

Choosing a corn proceed for a day on brace 21 was associate Wirral male James Howson, who took a equitable second place with canopy for 133.10.0.

Wirral’s Gary Baugh took fourth with 121.12.

Tackle Tarts rod Paul Fletcher pennyless a Wirral lads’ mastery by putting together another weight over a ton, holding 123.2.0 on particle for third.

Still on a commercials a Alliance Leicester lads took a tour over to a ever renouned Catteries in Eccleston in Lancashire for this their latest bar outing.

Even yet they were impressed by a prevalent breeze and sleet all-day, Sunday’s tour saw an glorious day on a foe stakes, as usually 20lb distant a tip 7 of a sixteen competing.

Peter Foster’s particle locate for 69lb took a tip honours pipping Billy Smith’s 66lb.

Third place went to a club’s first member Kevin Bradshaw, who on celebrating his sixtieth birthday this weekend took a equitable 54lb.

Carr Mill Dam, a healthy fishery that is in superb form, once again hold a annual two-day Aug Bank Holiday Festival that took place on Sunday and Monday.

This saw many anglers travelling from all over a region.

Swept by breeze and a unchanging surge via a day on Sunday, loyal to form it also fished brilliantly.

Day one saw internal consultant Phil Holland wanting no introduction on sketch his finish brace nearby a arches, as he put together a bream locate on a tip for 32.12.0.

Bolton’s Paul Swift took 28.15.0 on a tip as Wirral’s Derek Bennett took third place with 3 hundred and stick fish held for 22.4.0.

Day dual afterwards saw Jimmy Crossley holding a day’s Honours with 41.14 and Darren Garwood holding second with 40.02.0.

Those weights saw Darren finishing altogether second with a sum 51.4.0 and Crossley third with 49.0.6. Simon Wilkinson’s 20.0.2 day one locate was surfaced by a 28.14 that saw him take fourth altogether with 49lb.

Bennett was unchanging as ever on a stick and took another 21.10.0 for a sum 43.14.0 and fifth place.

Stephen ’Badger’ Lacey took sixth place with 42.20.

Superbly, Holland took a festival honours with a sum 55.0.1 value £600.

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