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ANGLING: Latest news from a riverbanks

DAVE Self came out on tip in a fourth turn of a Oxford Summer League.

Fished by 7 teams of 6 on a River Thames during Abingdon and Culham, a Drennan Bordon angler took a honours.

Drawn on a lucky bottom finish brace during Culham, Self held bream on a tributary and worm for a winning weight of 32lb 8oz 0drms.

Steve Townsend, fishing in Abingdon, was second with 27.8.0, while Liam Page Smith (15.13.0) claimed third.

Steve Johnson triumphed in a seventh turn of Yarnton District AC’s Summer League.

Getting bites true from a off, Johnson held during 5 metres on tough particle for a whopping 15.4.0 during a Tunnel Barn Farm formidable in Warwickshire.

That was roughly double his nearest rival, Jamie Pancott who fished tough and soothing particle during 15 metres for


Matt Snape finished a lectern with 53.4.0 also on pellet.

Andy Benwell won a sixth turn of a Oxford Carp League, sponsored by Ace Bait and Tackle.

Drawing brace 23, a Kidlington angler held on a particle tributary for 4 hours before tantalizing some excellent specimens on pulp late on for a winning weight of 146.8.0.

Clubmate Craig Partridge was second with 135.14.0 and a prior week’s winner, Paul Dann, was third in 111.14.0.

League standings: 1 A Benwell 14pts, 2 S Cantwell 21, 3 D Wilson 23.

Brian Hutchings edged to feat in Littlemore AC’s R Arnatt Cup.

He saw off 12 rivals on a River Thames during Sandford with hemp and tares on a waggler for a winning weight of 12.1.0.

Pete Clarke was second with a enormous churned net of skimmers and roach, on a stick with caster for 10.5.0.

Chris Webb (9.2.0) was third with a good net of roach on a stick with maggot.

Beehive AC fished a pairs compare on Fritwell’s Lodge Farm, with Kevin Jeacock winning interjection to 62.0.0 canopy to stick and corn.

Alan Bond (50.12.0) was second with canopy to stick and pellet, while Les Radford took third with 47.0.0 canopy to stick and corn.

Jeacock and Martin Wilkinson were a pairs winners.


Oakfield Fishery (Wednesday, Red Kite, 17 pegs): 1 M Talbot (Kamasan GOT Baits) 88.2.8, 2 R Makins (GOT Baits) 60.11.0, 3 T Rowe 54.8.8.

Oakfield Fishery (Saturday, Red Kite Brook, 16 pegs): 1 S Waters (Drennan) 100.0.0, 2 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 99.12.0, 3 D Wilson 88.9.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Sunday, Red Kite, 12 pegs): 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 153.15.0, 2 M Talbot (Kamasan GOT Baits) 138.15.0, 3 T Need 94.9.8.

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