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Angling Notes: Best of Times on a weekend fishing tour to Cobh

Cobh in Co Cork positively lived adult to expectations following a new fishing tour with a organisation from The Irish Times. The weekend was hailed as ‘one of a best’ in terms of peculiarity of fish and a glorious accommodation afforded to a group.

From a fishing perspective, we were, of course, sanctified with substantially a many gifted skipper in a Irish fleet, Donal Geary, aboard his vessel ‘John Boy’, a Lochin 33ft with 300hp Caterpillar engines.

With some-more than 40 years knowledge of licence angling to his credit, he ticks all a boxes when it comes to looking after his crew, generally with those nasty underwater cross-tangles and unhooking a ‘big one’! The mop of coffee/tea is always most appreciated too.

When it comes to scheming (gutting) your locate there is no improved skipper to deliver any taste of flesh. Asked nicely, he will even ‘skin’ a fish prepared for cooking.

All aboard, a day started from a jetty beside a Titanic Museum and on a initial stop adjacent to Roches Point, we encountered a few mackerel for attract and some herring. Here again, Donal’s knowledge shone by with a box of solidified mackerel prepared for use.

Onward and outward, 10 miles south to be exact, we started a deposit in 120ft of H2O on a pinpoint GPS mark. Straightaway, fishing began in earnest. Whiting, codling, ling, pouting, launce, wrasse and pollock, all to within 2.5lb were brought on residence (and mostly released).

Later, however, with a tidal change, a genuine fishing began. The codling became cod, some to 8lb and a ling exceeded 10lb. This trend continued adult to a final hour with a exam of strength to a front for any of a group. Exhausted, serenity prevailed for a lapse journey!

Our accommodation was rather opposite from a common hotel set up. The Bella Vista Hotel, nonetheless full, recently refurbished a residence (annex) to a high customary on a self-catering basement and within 5 mins of a categorical thoroughfare.

With all a mod cons for cooking and 5 bedrooms (singles and doubles), a apartment exceeded a expectations and met all a requirements. To top it all, a categorical hotel sent a bearer smoothness any morning of prohibited scones!!

For engagement John Boy, hit Donal during 021-481 2167 or Bella Vista hit sum are 021-481 2450 or

World Cup fish fly angling champinship on Lough Mask

Entries are now being supposed for a 63rd World Cup fish fly angling championship. The eventuality will take place on Lough Mask from Thursday 1st to Monday 5th August, 2019 with fishing out from Cushlough Bay in Ballinrobe, Co Mayo.

The foe consists of 4 heats, i.e. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a final on Monday. A limit of one entertain of competitors from any feverishness go brazen to a final. A aspirant might take partial in one feverishness only.

Closing date for entries is Wednesday, 24th Jul and contingency embody entrance price of €140 to Esther Sweeney, 30 Lakelawns, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo. Tel: 087-2222 867. For PayPal facility, revisit

Weekend march during Drowes Salmon Fishery

Ken Whelan and Jason O’Riordan will horde a weekend march (Friday dusk to Sunday) during a Drowes Salmon Fishery, Lareen, Co Leitrim on Aug 30th to Sep 1st, 2019. The march will explain and denote salmon behaviour, fishing tactics, rod and line selection, flies/lures, casting techniques and fish locations.

For internal accommodation, contact: The price is €195 and places are limited. Contact or +353 86 783 5900.

Frontiers Travel outing to Ponoi River in Russia

Frontiers Travel has a following vacancies on a Ponoi River in Russia from 17th to 24th Aug (3 rods) and 31st Aug to 7th Sep (4 rods). Also, for a week of extraordinary autumn-run fishing, join Tarquin Millington-Drake from 28th Sep to 5th Oct (1 rod).

If interested, greatfully get in hold with a group member during 1-800-245-1950 or

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