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Angling Notes: Extra insurance for white-clawed crayfish welcomed

New legislation to strengthen existent measures to strengthen a local white-clawed crayfish, has been welcomed by Inland Fisheries Ireland. The regulations will yield authorities with powers to forestall a widespread of 5 non-native class enclosed on a European Union list of invasive visitor class of EU concern.

White-clawed crayfish are a globally threatened class and Ireland binds one of a largest populations. The class is found in many rivers and lakes and is stable underneath Irish law and a EU Habitats Directive.

Throughout Europe, a class has been decimated by a impact of a illness called crayfish plague. North American crayfish are resistant to this H2O cover and can act as carriers, that is deadly when upheld to a white-clawed crayfish.

While there is no justification that North American or other non-native crayfish have been introduced to Ireland, a crayfish disease has now reached 5 rivers in Ireland, presumably by spores carried on fishing equipment.

The open is asked to warning authorities of any mass mortalities of crayfish or sightings of surprising crayfish by contacting a National Parks and Wildlife Service, National Biodiversity Data Centre or

Rare shellfish found in Milford Haven estuary

Divers from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have found a really singular shellfish in Milford Haven estuary. The fan bombard (Atrina fragilis) was found while divers were monitoring a condition of a vast seagrass bed. This is now a usually famous critical instance in Wales as it has not been speckled in Welsh waters given a 1960s.

The shellfish is one of a largest in Britain and can grow to some-more than 45cm in length. Despite a vast size, it is really frail and one of a UK’s many threatened molluscs.

Fan shells yield a indicate of connection for many other sea organisms formulating reef-like micro habitats in a sediments in that they live.

Mike Camplin of NRW said: “This shellfish was found in a Pembrokeshire sea special area of charge and measures to revoke anchoring and grapnel activity around a seagrass bed will assistance foster recovery.”

Safety discipline reminder

Anglers are reminded to follow reserve discipline when fishing. Three anglers have drowned in Ireland so distant this year, according to a Irish Water Safety.

Last year, 109 people drowned in Irish waters. This equates to 9 deaths any month, with many drownings function quickly, silently and in shoal water. Of a 109 drownings, 84 were masculine and 24 female.

Anglers mostly have to understanding with changing conditions and are asked to follow some critical reserve precautions before environment out. These include: always wear a life jacket; follow recommendation on warning signs; don’t take any risks; check a continue foresee and waves tables; let someone know where you’re going; take a charged mobile phone; and wear suitable clothing.

An angling website and information pamphlet Safety on a Water – Angling Water Safety Guidelines, that sum discipline around reserve on lakes and sea, is accessible during

Annamoe hosts fish fishing joining competition

Annamoe Trout Fishery in Co Wicklow hold a initial of 4 winter joining competitions recently in complicated sleet though amiable and ease conditions. This is a 12th year to theatre a eventuality and, once again, Southside Angling is a categorical sponsor.

A sum of 65 fish were landed, totalled and safely returned. The initial 5 anglers from any feverishness validate to fish in a final and a remaining heats (all Saturdays) are on Nov 10th and 24th, with a final on Dec 8th.

Heat 1 results: 1, H Smith, 11 fish, 468cm; 2, R Bujak, 9f, 393cm; 3, N Madden, 6f, 267cm; 4, P Civkel, 5f, 218cm; 5, we Saraz, 5f, 213cm. Enquiries to Brian Nally during 086-259 8563.

Fly-fishing spectacular in Galway

Ireland’s biggest fly-fishing spectacular will again horde heading fly dressers, fly casters and angling celebrities during a ninth Irish Fly Fair and International Angling Show in a Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, on Nov 10th and 11th.

“This is a undisputed best fly fishing uncover in Ireland and one not to be missed. Please come along and give your support, angling needs feel-good events like this,” eventuality organiser Stevie Munn said. For some-more sum hit Stevie during

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