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Angling Notes: rainbows, browns and blues quarrel like tigers in Scotland

It was a genuine pleasure to revisit Menteith Fisheries in Scotland recently. The outing not usually brought some fanciful fishing though a whole knowledge from travelling from Belfast to a lapse tour a week later, was indeed a noted experience.

The Stena sailing to Carnryan was pleasing and quick as a procession of 8 cars (16 anglers) done a approach by Ayrshire’s coastal track (homestead of Robbie Burns) and on to Glasgow.

Here, a angling centre is rated as carrying one of a largest batch of angling apparatus in Europe and during really rival prices. After a brief stopover, it was leading and ceiling towards a finish of Aberfoyle in Sterlingshire.

True to form, a Rob Roy Hotel again catered for all a needs, maybe in particular, since of a tighten vicinity to Lake Menteith. In addition, a hotel offering glorious food and with 100 en-suite bedrooms with all a mod cons, it is a ideal bottom for an memorable holiday (fishing or otherwise).

Tom Stanton from Cork with a excellent fish during Menteith Fisheries in Scotland

After breakfast, we done a indicate in job to Trossachs Butchers and Deli in a city for a beef and kidney pies, in fact, they exaggerate any cake we can consider of, all baked overnight and piping hot.

At a fishery, 8 boats were set aside for a needs from a 34 swift over a 4 days. Interchanging partners any day brought an even larger comradeerie among a organisation and also opposite fishing techniques.

The fishing was fabulous. Those rainbows and browns, and quite a ‘blues’ quarrel like tigers and can give an even improved comment of themselves than any salmon we have ever caught.

Midge tips, middle and DI-3 lines with a preference of ‘booby-type’ lures were a sequence of a day. The ‘snake’ on a brief personality was also successful. we managed to locate 18 fish adult to 3kg, that was a record for me. Catch and recover practical via and all fish were returned unharmed.

Fisheries manager Quint Glen pronounced it was a bad year financially for a lake due to a extreme good weather. “For a time, we had to tighten a fishery since of nearby drought conditions and miss of bookings,” he said.

Consequently, it is his goal to keep a lake open via a winter months, continue permitting. “If we get a bookings we will open for business,” he said.

Our 4 days of fishing (six days in total) came to an finish all too shortly and we were left with smashing memories of a good trip. (I’ve already paid my engagement price for subsequent year.)

Part of a Irish fortuitous available their pies before to fishing on Lake Menteith

Menteith is stocked weekly with tip peculiarity rainbow and brownish-red fish reared during a lakeside by staff members, and is regarded as one of a excellent stocked fisheries in Europe. I’ll attest for that.

For vessel reservations, email or revisit

SeaFest moves to Cork

SeaFest, Ireland’s largest and many fantastic nautical festival, will be hold in Cork from subsequent year and stability until 2021. The eventuality will take place in Cork City over a weekend of Jun 7th-9th, 2019.

In addition, as partial of a inhabitant festival, a Our Ocean Wealth Summit Conference will be hold on Thursday and Friday, Jun 6th and 7th.

Minister Michael Creed, Tánaiste Hugh Coveney, students Myles Ó Raghallaigh and Cáit Ní Drisceoil during SeaFest launch scheduled for Cork over a subsequent 3 years. Photograph: Michael O’Sullivan/OSM

For a past 3 years, Galway has hosted a eventuality that has turn intensely renouned attracting 100,000 visitors in 2017 and again in 2018.

Minister for a Marine Michael Creed said: “SeaFest is all about lifting recognition about a value and mercantile opportunities supposing by a sea sector, it has been quite successful in augmenting recognition of nautical issues that impact on all of us, by a horde of enchanting and educational activities for people of any age.”

Final heat

The final feverishness of a Annamoe Winter League will take place on Saturday, 24th Nov with a final scheduled for Saturday, Dec 8th, 2018. Enquiries to Brian Nally @ 086-259 8563.

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