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Home / Entertainment / Are Ruth Jones’ Tesco ads Stella or totally un-Nessa-sary?

Are Ruth Jones’ Tesco ads Stella or totally un-Nessa-sary?

Tesco finest Range Christmas Advert

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The big stores putting out their Christmas ads each year has become something of a highlight in the annual TV viewing calendar.

Much speculation is made every December about whether John Lewis will be able to match the success of their previous festive season’s campaign, while all eyes fall on the remainder of the big four supermarkets to see which, if any, will be able to top them.

But after the huge response to John Lewis’ Man on the Moon ad – with Aldi’s tongue-in-cheek riposte to it and Sainsbury’s animated adventures of Mog the Cat coming close runners-up – it seems to have fallen to Tesco to take the booby prize with their series of ads.

“Are those pies gluten-free?” Ruth and Ben as husband and wife in Tesco’s Christmas ads

Starring Gavin Stacey’s Ruth Jones and comedian Ben Miller (whose mum comes from Neath, don’t you know) as married couple Jo and Roger, the series of FIVE ads depict the pair as harried parents.

But of course, they are helped with making Christmas shopping less stressful thanks to Tesco’s smooth and efficient customer care – even down to assisting them in finding gluten-free comestibles for some dietary-restricted visiting relatives. Well, every little helps and all that.

However, what sounds like a straightforward, no-nonsense winner – good cast, direct and to the point message – has instead been as warmly greeted by the public as an advent calendar posted through a turkey’s letter box.

Tesco 'One-in-Front' Advert

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Certainly, much of the reaction on Twitter has veered more towards ‘no, no, no’ than ‘ho, ho, ho’.

…wrote one, while another added…

Meanwhile, Alex Ricketts was less than amused by Jones and Miller’s shenanigans

And, as for Laura Jones’ rather drastic reaction, well…

And now it’s time you weighed in as to whether you find them fun-filled or cringe-worthy.

Do you remember these campaigns?

The US Welsh Baker: Welshcakes

Hilarious US made Welshcake advert

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These are the scenes from the bizarre American ad for Welsh cakes where the stars wear kilts and appear to speak in IRISH accents.

The ad shows kilt-clad “Gareth” and all-American “Kelly” meeting for a blind date. Once Kelly munches the Welsh cake from Gareth she is magicked into a version of traditional Welsh costume – and develops an Irish brogue.

Brains: Positive Thinking

In 2001, tired of being seen as old-fashioned, Brains realised that in order to stay relevant they needed a complete refresh of their brand.

They launched their ‘Positive Thinking’ campaign that year to promote their ‘glass half full’ mentality, which hit its stride in 2004 when the brand began sponsoring the Welsh Rugby Union.

Always optimistic about Wales’s chances, Brains soon became known for their tongue-in-cheek tone, with quips such as the legendary “Official sponsor of the 2007 world champions” strapline that caused a stir ahead of the Rugby World Cup eight years ago.

And when Wales trounced England 30-3 in the 2013 Six Nations tournament, Brains seized the opportunity to announce a temporary rename one of its pubs in honour of the win. Cardiff’s 33 Windsor Place – known locally as ‘Bar 33’ – became ‘Bar 30-3’, in the characteristic quick-witted style that is now synonymous with the brand.

Go Compare: Gio Compario

Love him or hate him, everyone knows Gio Compario, the Welsh opera singer character that has been the face of Go Compare’s marketing campaigns since 2009.

Consistently ranked at the top of annoying ad countdowns (and voted as the most annoying ad of the past 15 years in a recent poll), the tenor, played by Wynne Evans, certainly managed to get the brand noticed.

In a move to embrace public opinion, Go Compare made the bold decision in 2013 to get in on the act, running a series of ads depicting everyone from Sue Barker to even Steven Hawking line up to take Gio out.

Despite the controversy, Gio Compario and his famous jingle have been an undeniable success, with brand awareness rising 450% since his arrival.

BBC Cymru Wales: Six Nations Trailer 2013

Since winning the Six Nations contract in 2011, BBC Cymru Wales’ Six Nations trailers have grown to become almost as hotly anticipated as the tournament itself. But it’s 2013’s TV ad – seen through the eyes of one 12-year old boy who has only ever known a successful Welsh side – that claims the top spot.

With a cheeky sense of humour and slick BBC production value, the ads play up to the historic rivalry between the participating nations.

Fresh from a disappointing performance at the 2012’s autumn internationals, 2013’s campaign managed to capture the hearts of the nation, propelling team Wales to Six Nations victory.

Lead character ‘Scott’ – real name Nathan – became an overnight celebrity, while the campaign itself was recognised when it made the Canmol finals in 2013.

Peter’s Foods: Luv Wales, Luv Peter’s

This is the slightly bonkers but undeniably brilliant campaign that saw Jamie Roberts voted Wales’ ‘tastiest rugby player’, leading to the creation of a 1m x 1m, 35kg pie in the shape of the Welsh centre’s face.

When research showed Peter’s average consumer to be over 56 years old, the Bedwas-based pie company decided to try and expand their customer base by appealing to a younger audience with their new campaign.

Drawing on the firm’s Welsh roots, Peter’s created a multimedia campaign that utilised Youtube and Facebook platforms.

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