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ARGUS ANGLING: Around the clubs and fisheries

WENTWOOD RESERVOIR: Bank and boat fishing continues to be productive with plenty of top of the water action.

Fishing from the bank were Chris Daniels 4 fish-10lb 4oz, best fish 3lb 10oz; Stuart Smith 3 fish-6lb 10oz; Don Thomas 5 fish-13lb 4oz; David Bailey 2 fish-5lb 12oz, best fish 3lb 4oz; Peter Dent 3 fish-5lb 12oz; J Hefferman 2 fish-4lb 12oz; Mike Norman 2 fish-3lb 12oz; Gill Sellars 1 fish-2lb 8oz; H Williams 2 fish-3lb 12oz; Peter James 3 fish 8lb; Phil Thomas 2 fish-4lb 5oz; Tony Clark 3 fish-6lb 3oz; and Phil Berry 2 fish-4lb 6oz.

Successful boat anglers included Tony Heming 5 fish-11lb 2oz; Graham Tamplin 5 fish-12lb 6oz; Dave Jones 2 fish-5lb, including 1 blue at 3lb; M Hughes 1 fish-2lb; Geraint Davies 2 fish-4lb 8oz; M Greenway 1 fish-2lb; P Bradney 5 fish-10lb 10oz; G Archer 2 fish-3lb 8oz; and Paul Godwin 2 fish-4lb.

Fishing catch and release were R Elms released 10 killed 1; B Wells released 10; Ken Pascoe released 6.

Top flies included cats whisker, montana, damsel nymphs, small black dries and occasionally fish were taken on vivas.

The season ends and the reservoir closes on Wednesday, October 31.

CWM HEDD: Bill Williams, one taken and seven returned on a white nomad.

Keith Cox, one taken and seven returned on a mini cat.

Graham Davies, one taken and six returned on diawl bach.

Wayne Roberts, four taken on a black fritz.

RAVENSNEST: Catch and release: Lee Evans, Cearphilly, 5 fish; Wayne Evans, Caerphilly, 5 fish; Dave Edwards, Brecon, 18 fish; Ken Evans, Brecon, 16 fish; Bob Jennings, Bristol, 6 fish; Paul Brown, Bristol, 5 fish; Matt Squire, Bristol, 4 fish; Roger Jones, Cwmbran, 16 fish; Ed Hancock, Caerleon, 2 fish; Steve Rowland, Langstone, 4 fish; Mark Rehbein, Bristoll 3 fish; Gareth Jones, Caldicot, 6 fish; Dave Bryant, Bristol, 2 fish; Jamie Wakefield, Pontypool, 20 fish; John Ashill, Pontypool, 20 fish; John Wilstead, Brynmawr, 4 fish; Dominic Cousins, Abergavenny, 8 fish; Jill Comenau, Bristol, 2 fish; Phil Bolton, Blackwood, 2 fish; Steve Peppercorn, Cwmbran, 5 fish; Gary Peppercorn 4 fish; Luke Thomas, Cardiff, 18 fish.

Catch and kill: Steve Cole, Bristol, 4 fish 10.5lb; Andy Elworthy, Bristol, 3 fish 8lb; Dave Bryant, Bristol, 4 fish 11lb; Ben Ashton, Lydney, 2 fish 6lb; John Cleeve, Monmouth, 2 fish 5.5lb; Dave Stirzaker, Bristol, 1 fish 2.5lb; Jason Carter, Newport, 3 fish 7lb; Vernon Perall, Bristol, 2 fish 5lb; Mark Rehbein, Bristol, 3 fish 8lb; Jim McCarthy, Bristol, 1 fish 2.5lb; Tim Bratcher, Bristol, 1 fish 2.5lb; Dave Stirzaker, Bristol, 1 fish 2.5lb; Jackie Boyle, Usk, 3 fish 8 lb; Steve Boyle, Usk, 4 fish 10lb; Dave Bryant, Bristol, 4 fish 10lb; George Hogg, Forest of Dean, 8 fish 23 lb.

CEFN FFOREST ANGLING CLUB: October 21 club match and Over 50s Cup. Mathern Mill 18 fished.

1st Howard Green (Greens Tackle), peg 12, 123lb 14oz, pellet and maggot; 2nd Bob Giles, Browning, peg 15, 103lb 13oz, casters and maggot; 3rd Simon Jones (Greens Tackle), peg 16, 101lb 12oz, method to island and caster edge; 4th Dai Clarke (Cefn Fforest) peg 3, 80lb 11oz, method and casters down edge.

Over 50s: 1st Howard Green; 2nd Terry Morgan.

NEWPORT ANGLING ASSOCIATION: Result of Sunday’s sweepstake on Woodstock Pool. Eleven fished with waggler and corn the best method.

Matt Morgan took 1st place with 31.12.0 from peg 3.

Nicky Bevan was second with 25.14.0 from peg 26 and third place went to Nick Jones fishing peg 32 who weighed 24.4.0.

This Sunday is the third leg of the Autumn Series fishing School Pool and a section on Woodstock. Book with R Sims.

NEWPORT AND DISTRICT SEA ANGLERS: Results of competition on October 21 at Sudbrook: 1st Paul Bryant, 1 codling, 0.82kg; 2nd Sean Doyle, 1 codling, 0.76kg; 3rd Tony Hart, 1 flounder, 0.34kg.

The easterly breeze lifted the early morning fog and a bright, sunny day ensued but, as every angler knows, an easterly wind seems to turn the fish off.

But this didn’t put off the 14 anglers who fished.

Next Sunday’s competition will be held at St Brides on. Book in and weigh in at the Peterstone Fisheries. Fishing times are 16.00 till 20.00.

On Sunday, November 11, at Cold Knap beach, Barry, the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers, in association with Angling Cymru, are offering a coaching session for a limited number of anglers, showing them how to cast a bit further, present bait and tackle a little better.

Fishing times will be 12 noon until 4pm, allowing for high water of around 4pm.

All are welcome but pre- book to enable organisers to know the numbers.

Contacts are Gareth Davies 07855 528845 (Davies251@ or Mike Dixon 07900 966163 (

If the day proves to be a success it is hoped to run a few extra events around Christmas and into the New Year, provided funding is available.

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