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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / BBC Gone Fishing: Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer fish on River Tay during filming
Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer fish River Tay

BBC Gone Fishing: Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer fish on River Tay during filming

The conduct of a famous salmon fishery has pronounced it was a “joy” to horde dual titans of British comedy during her Perthshire estate.

Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer attempted their fitness on a River Tay during filming for a new array of their strike uncover Gone Fishing.

Episode One went out out on Friday evening, and their exploits in Tayside will be shown on BBC Two after this month.

Claire Mercer Nairne, owners of Meikleour Fishing, pronounced she was anxious to accommodate a comedy twin during filming final year.

And she suggested she scarcely got into difficulty when she swiped Bob’s propitious fishing hat.

“It was a fun to have a filming organisation on Meikleour,” she said. “There was an impressively vast group who arrived dual days before to tangible filming.”

© Supplied
Comedian Bob Mortimer on a H2O with Head Ghillie Calum McRoberts

She added: “Filming a fugitive Tay salmon is not though challenges, though a group was sincerely assured since a conditions were glorious and there was some fish held before they arrived.”

Claire, who worked behind a scenes with producers as a fishing consultant, said: “Paul Whitehouse is a unequivocally gifted fly angler and a genuine gentleman.

“I felt absolved to share a few tips, and a integrate of flies with him.”

She said: “Bob Mortimer is positively waggish and came adult with some marvellously inapt jokes that hopefully were not held on camera.

“I desired his ‘gone fishing’ demeanour and his small hat,” she said. “So we had to take it and try it out for myself.

“Sadly, we had to give it back. we was usually authorised to wear it for a brief duration of time.”

Claire, a initial inaugurated womanlike member of a Tay Salmon Fisheries Board, applauded a uncover for a some-more critical message.

Fast Show star Paul introduced his crony Bob to fishing, as both of them recovered from heart surgeries.

“Recovering after a life-threatening illness is an persisting conflict and fishing is one of those activities that can unequivocally help,” Claire said.

Head Ghillie Calum McRoberts was filmed holding Bob out on a rowing boat.

“They were both unequivocally beguiling company,” he said. “We had a good time filming.

“It was good to be means to uncover them this partial of a world, that they were both unknown with.”

He added: “I don’t wish to spoil a surprise, though there was a genuine impulse of comedy bullion when we were filming a episode. we can’t approach to see it.”

Speaking recently on a Adam Buxton Podcast, Bob pronounced his revisit to a Tayside beauty mark had been his initial genuine knowledge of Scotland.

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