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Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse write a fishing book : News 2019

Tie-in to BBC Two series

Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse are to tell a book formed on their fishing escapades.

Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing is a tie-in to their BBC Two show, where a span – both recuperating from heart operations – chewed a fat on relaxing angling trips.

A second array is in a tube and approaching this summer, while a book is due to be expelled by Blink Publishing on May 30.

The publishers say: ‘This smashing book by dual lifelong friends is a adore minute to a joys of angling, a disturb of a locate and a trait of carrying a right dumb laff with your mates. 

‘Gone Fishing is a ideal book for fans of Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse and for anyone who wants to review a brilliantly created and forever humorous corner discourse on life, loyalty and joys of fishing.’

Mortimer – who seemed on Desert Island Discs yesterday – pennyless a news on Twitter, posting: ‘Me and Paul are essay a book about fishing, loyalty and fannying about on riverbanks. It’s entrance out in May.’

Click here to sequence a book.

Published: 4 Feb 2019

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