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Bournemouth grill owners fined for bootleg fishing

Media captionThe group landed a bucket of sea drum in a early hours of a morning

A grill owners and his crony have been fined for bootleg fishing after they were filmed during night by an angler.

Steve Cullen confronted 3 group who had a bucket of youthful sea drum in Poole, Dorset, in Aug 2018.

Tran Doan, 37, a owners of Eat Pho Vietnamese grill in Bournemouth, and Tran Hoang, 41, of Thatcham, Berkshire, pleaded guilty to dual charges during Poole Magistrates’ Court.

They were any fined £500 and systematic to compensate £1,500 justice costs.

Image copyright
Steve Cullen

Image caption

Tran Doan (left) and Tran Hoang were held on camera nearby Poole Harbour

Mr Cullen was awoken by a group while sleeping in his automobile during Rockley Park, Hamworthy, in a early hours of 26 Aug 2018.

He pronounced he “saw red and slung a bucket of fish behind in a water”, cheering “It’s bass, what do we consider you’re doing?” in a video he posted on Facebook.

He filmed one of a group withdrawal in a car with a difference “Eat Pho. Traditional Vietnamese Rice Noodle Soup” on a side.

On Thursday, a dual group pleaded guilty to stealing drum from a Poole Harbour hothouse area during a supportive summer months.

They also certified holding drum next smallest size.

Image copyright
Steve Cullen / Facebook

Image caption

Steve Cullen pronounced he “saw red” and threw their bucket of fish into a sea

Magistrates listened 40kg of fish were landed though there was no justification of any of it being sole by a restaurant.

Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (SIFCA), that brought a case, pronounced Poole Harbour was an “important refuge” for youthful bass.

SIFCA member and Poole councillor Ray Tindle said: “Protection in a gulf allows them to grow and feed a severely depleted stocks.”

In August, a Facebook post, apparently from Mr Doan, apologised for his actions.

It pronounced he was fishing to “relax after a stressful few weeks” and that drum was not on a restaurant’s menu.

The BBC has attempted to hit a grill owner, of Northcote Road, Bournemouth, for comment.

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Image caption

A Facebook post apologised for violation a fishing ban

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