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Home / Latest News / Cardiff City money man Vincent Tan strikes ‘rapport’ with Sam Hammam over finance plans

Cardiff City money man Vincent Tan strikes ‘rapport’ with Sam Hammam over finance plans

Cardiff City’s major backer Vincent Tan watched the club’s academy sides in the company of Sam Hammam yesterday (Sunday) as talks between the pair continued.

It comes as Tan and Hammam aim to find a resolution to debt owed to the Lebanese businessman.

The club’s latest accounts – revealed in January – showed Langston, the company represented by Hammam, is owed at least £19.3m.

Meanwhile a £5m bonus is also due because the debt was not settled by the time the Bluebirds reached the Premier League.

According to observers yesterday[sun], the pair seemed to have struck up a rapport – raising hopes a deal can be struck sooner rather than later.

Cardiff City fan Annis Abraham, who was present for Tan’s visit, told the Echo: “We have waited four years for these two to meet like this.

“In the past it has always been solicitors or through TG (former chairman Dato Chan Tien Ghee). But now they are together.

“I saw Sam and Tan. Sam was involved in Tan and everything and there was friendship there.

“They want to work together and there’s no ill will. These stories of bad feeling are utter nonsense.”

Meanwhile, Mr Abraham said he also told Mr Tan of his opposition to the team wearing red instead of blue this season.

He added Mr Tan told him they could “compromise”.

“He said, ‘you are really strongly blue’ but he said red is happiness and the future and red is the way forward in life – it’s what makes everyone look at red.”

Club chairman Simon Lim was also present as Tan and Hammam visited the site for a proposed new training facility near the current training complex at The Vale resort.

Carl Curtis, who brokered a deal between the club and Hammam last year which saw the two parties come to within £1m of a settlement, said: “Vincent Tan and Sam Hammam are working together to settle the historic Langston debt.

“I could see that the close relationship was genuine between the pair and I feel the two men will work together for the good of Cardiff City Football Club.

“Today at the Academy Training ground was more important to have both men there than at the Cardiff City Stadium yesterday, it is important that Vincent Tan is aware of the talent we have at grass roots and that he is involved at all levels of our club.”

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