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Home / Latest News / Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan could use Sam Hammam as Premier League ‘advisor’

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan could use Sam Hammam as Premier League ‘advisor’

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan says he may utilise Sam Hammam as his Premier League ‘advisor’ as he pledges a golden top-flight future for the Bluebirds.

The two men were together during Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Bolton and shared in the celebrations as Mark Hudson and his team-mates lifted the Championship trophy.

Tan believes he can work closely with former Cardiff owner Hammam for the good of the club over the historical £24m loan notes debt which are owed to the Langston Corporation

And he even strongly hinted at a day-to-day role for Hammam, who stabilised little Wimbledon in the top flight prior to buying out Cardiff in 2000.

“We are still talking and trying to find a solution,” said Tan of the Langston debt.

“I’m sure we will find an amicable solution that is good for Cardiff City.

“We have some issues, but Sam Hammam attended the Bolton match as my guest and as my friend.

“He has a lot of knowledge of football clubs. He brought Wimbledon up from nothing to the Premier League.

“He can even help me and advise me on football.”


With or without Hammam, Tan maintained the Bluebirds were going into the Premier League looking to make their mark.

“We do not want to be a one-season wonder,” declared the Bluebirds owner.

 “First we go up, then we move on. Top 10 one day, I hope. In the future we want to be Premier League champions.

“Malky Mackay, our manager, has a lot of things to do, We must support his work and be positive. We want the best for Cardiff City.

“We are in the Premier League and understand it is going to be difficult, but we will do everything we can to keep our place there.

“We want Cardiff City to be known as a Premier League club and there is work to be done.

“Malky Mackay, Simon Lim (chief executive) and I are ready for that. We are working together

“It is possible to keep our place in the Premier League. We don’t want to be relegated. Our target is to grow stronger.

“In the years ahead we want to reach a point where we can challenge for the top 10 – and in the future be champions of the Premier League.

“There are many things to do over future seasons, but we want the best for Cardiff City.”

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Malaysian businessman Tan, who has invested £60m and promises more, joined almost 600 fans at the Cardiff City Supporters Club awards night immediately after Saturday’s match.

He spoke of the future, why he brought in the controversial rebranding and why the team will play in blue next season when they visit venues such as Old Trafford, Anfield and the Emirates.

 “Don’t think I put in a lot of money to do stupid things,” said Tan.

“No. We want this club to progress and develop. We need support. Together we can make it.”

Insisting he was correct to change the shirt colours to red, Tan also assured fans the traditional bluebird emblem will always be on the club badge… but aided by the Welsh Dragon.

“Red is a colour which brings luck and the Welsh dragon brings us luck,” said Tan.

“Wales is your country and the Welsh dragon is your symbol. We don’t have a Malaysian dragon, a Chinese dragon or an Asian dragon on our badge – it is Welsh. Red in colour.

“The Bluebird is a nice bird, flying high. But in the three years I have been here the Bluebird didn’t do it.

“It was frightened by other bigger, stronger club symbols. Then the dragon came to help the Bluebird.

“It will be on our club badge – and the dragon will help the Bluebird fly even higher. The dragon wants to get on with the bluebird.”

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There were chants of ‘the blues are going up’ and ‘we are Cardiff City, we’ll always be blue’ as Tan spoke at the Supporters Club function, while there were a few boos from one corner of the big third floor room at Cardiff City Stadium.

But Tan told fans: “When we play Liverpool and other teams in red we will wear blue.”

As the Bluebirds prepare for the Premier League, Tan concluded: “Congratulations to Malky Mackay and everybody who made this possible, to the fans who supported us this season.

“To those who don’t we forgive you – come and support Cardiff City again.

“We are already planning for next season.”

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