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Home / Latest News / Cardiff City unveil plans for 38,000-capacity stadium expansion

Cardiff City unveil plans for 38,000-capacity stadium expansion

Cardiff City have unveiled plans to expand the Cardiff City Stadium to an eventual capacity of 38,000.

Designs have been outlined to supporters as part of an ongoing feasibility study and the first stage of development could begin as early as September or October this year.

Phase one of the expansion would see the ground’s Ninian Stand given a second tier – with the roof of the stand removed before the end of the coming season.

Then 5,000 seats would be put in between May and August next year, in time for the beginning of kick-off in the 2014/15 season.

It is then planned for 2,500 to 3,000 to be added to both the Canton and Grange ends of the ground respectively.

That would bring the overall capacity up to around 38,000 – up from 26,828 currently.

Plans were revealed to Cardiff City Supporters Trust Chair Tim Hartley and board members David Craig and Keith Morgan at the end of last week.

Mr Morgan told WalesOnline: “Stage one is basically an extra 5,000 seats, extending the Ninian Stand to a second tier.

“The reason they can start it during the season is because they can put up a bit of steelwork outside and it only extends across the pavement area.

“They can be working on putting up steelwork in between games without affecting the inside of the bowl.

“For it to be able to be open in time for the following season, they would take the existing roof on the Ninian Stand.

“They were talking about doing that about March. That gives them time between May and August for a seat fit-out.”

The stand is said to include plans for a concourse area on either side with a plush corporate area and catering facilities incorporated in the centre.

Meanwhile, under the plans, two large screens will also be erected at either end of the ground.

The plans have been drawn up with global consulting engineers Arup and will have to go past councillors for approval.

But as Cardiff prepare to take their place in the Premier League for the first time, increased capacity is essential to boost matchday revenue and advertising.

Cardiff City Stadium Manager Wayne Nash confirmed supporters had been consulted on plans but added a feasibility study still needed to be completed.

Mr Nash said: “We are going through a feasibility study and getting a design we are happy with.

“We have given fans an initial look at the concept and told them about the process we want to follow so they can understand what we are doing.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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