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Home / Latest News / Cardiff council apologises after mum is moved into property that was ‘still boarded up’

Cardiff council apologises after mum is moved into property that was ‘still boarded up’

A council has apologised to an unemployed mum after they moved her into a house she branded “unliveable.”

Kelly Dando took the house in Illtyd Road, in Ely, Cardiff after being told she had to leave temporary accommodation in nearby Bromley Drive.

But despite waiting from March 14 until June 3 to get the keys, she discovered a catalogue of problems at the building.

“I got here and it was still boarded up,” the 33-year-old said.

Things were no better inside.

“There was no boiler,” Kelly said.

“Then the man could not put the boiler in because there was debt on the meter.

“All the windows upstairs are spray painted on the inside.

“I’ve got exposed hot water pipes in the living room and in the hallway.”

These could “burn” her kids, she said.

“And there were nails sticking out all over the landing floors,” she added.

Kelly insisted the kitchen was unfit for use.

“There was no cooker when I moved in, I have had to borrow one,” she said.

“The ceiling is being taken down because it was falling down. There was a leak at the property while it was empty so it was sagging.”

Inside her kitchen units there was mildew.

“The bag of sugar in my cupboard is like a breeze block because of the damp,” she said.

Outside cladding has also come off the wall. 

“I’ve got missing tiles on the roof and the shower does not work properly,” Kelly said.

“I had to clean my three-year-old with the hose after he came in stinking dirty.”

On the wall are “exposed electrics” and “electrical points that you can put your fingers behind”.

Kelly wants Cardiff council to move her out while the property is being repaired.

“I should be compensated in some way because the work should already have been done,” she said.

The authority said it was sorry. A council spokesman said: “The council would like to apologise to Ms Dando for the inconvenience and distress this has caused her.

“The property should not have been let out in the condition it was and we are now working with the family to make sure all these problems are addressed as a matter of urgency.

“A new boiler has already been installed and we hope to have the outstanding repairs completed as quickly as possible.”

Kelly had not wanted to leave her old property because it had four bedrooms – the new one has three.

“There is a very limited stock of four bedroom properties so it is not unusual to offer a three bedroom property to an applicant with three children,” the spokesman said.

“The size of the house offered is in line with the council’s letting policy and is adequate for the size of the household.”

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