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full english breakfast

Cardiff Full English Breakfast venues

Cardiff Full English Breakfast venues

Full English BreakfastContrary to what most people believe stag and hen do’s are not all about booze and strippers and you should keep that in mind when planning the budget. Stag and Hen weekends often include exciting activities such as trekking, canyoning, clay pigeon shooting, etc. Combining all these activities together, for one intense weekend  means you are in need of a comfortable place where you can rest your head and somewhere you can eat and recharge on a budget. According to many,  a full English breakfast is actually the best that can happen to you after a drunken stag night in Cardiff. So here are some places where you can get it on a budget.


  1. The Gatekeeper, Cardiff. Located on Westgate Street, just next to Cardiff Arms park, this pub offers reasonably priced full English breakfast and has excellent central location.


  1. The Great Western. Located just 3 minutes away from Cardiff Central, they know how to combine excellent quality with unbeatable price. The full English breakfast served here will leave you more than satisfied.


  1. Café Calcio is not in the town centre and you have to wait till 9.00 but well worth it, it has a great aroma smelling of chocolate and coffee. Great for a traditional full breakfast superbly cooked. You can also go up market with Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon.   .


  1. Pen and Wig. This pub offers a great variety and quality of food including full English breakfast. You can easily find it, as it is located very close to Cardiff City Hall and if you are lucky and the weather allows it you can sit outside in their beer garden.


  1. The Prince of Wales. This centrally located pub opens doors from 7 am to serve you a delicious and affordable full English breakfast.


  1. The Blackweir Tavern. Similarly to Woodville in Woodville Road this tavern is preferred by many students because of its close location to university halls of residence and other facilities, as well as because of the inexpensive and  high quality food.


Hopefully, that was helpful and now you are prepared for one of the best nights in your life, your stag night or alternatively as part of your hangover cure!

By Paul Taylor

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