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Cardiff gets a new Curry Directory

A new Cardiff Curry Directory is a major bonus for Cardiff folk whether it is after a beer or two, after mountain biking on Caerphilly mountain, after watching a Wales International or running a half marathon. The most popular food is alongside fish and chips is to catch a Cardiff curry.

The website has been around for a while now but is much improved with a directory covering the areas of Cardiff from Whitchurch to Butetown and Rumney to Pontcanna, as it happens Canton  is probably the best served area of Cardiff for both quality and quantity.

What makes Cardiff stand out is that you can get a quality takeaway piping hot or reheat it yourself or a nouvelle cuisine style curry from one of Cardiff’s boutique restaurants or simply fill up with a jalfrezi and your favourite Indian lager.

Cardiff curry directoryThere are some establishing trends associated with eating out nowadays as several sites now exist to run alongside the existing restaurant sites that let you access menus, reserve a table or order your curry. The new curry directory has links for these facilities where they exist as well as phone numbers and post codes. The site lists the number of reviews and average score out of 5.

Curry restaurants were at their peak in 2010 when there were 16,000 of them but that number has fallen to 9,000 in the UK. Figures state that there are 125 in Wales though we personally think that figure a little low with 42 in the Cardiff curry directory alone, the quest to list and visit all curry restaurants in Cardiff luckily still unfulfilled as yet! Alternative food chains such as Nando’s and Pizza express may be the cause of the demise.

The curry directory lists the major favourites, but there are many not yet listed so if you have a favourite make sure you send it in.

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