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Home / Latest News / Cardiff set to star in ‘Wales’ first action film’ Kamikaze
kamikaze wales first action film

Cardiff set to star in ‘Wales’ first action film’ Kamikaze

Cardiff is to star in what is being dubbed “Wales’ first action film”.

Marcus Shakesheff – an “action actor” who has featured in major Hollywood blockbusters like Harry Potter – is the man behind feature film Kamikaze.

Filmed in and around the capital, including in locations like Cardiff Bay and Llantrisant, the film follows the troubles of an ex-MI6 operative.

It is due for release in January by South Wales-based production firm Beat ’Em Up Films.

Shakesheff, who has also featured in productions like War World Z, Jack and the Giant Slayer, Game of Thrones and Les Miserables, said he wanted to bring the action genre to southeast Wales.

Director Shakesheff, from Newport, said: “Having worked on big budget Hollywood action adventure films I was very aware that there has never been a Welsh action film.

“With Kamikaze, we were very eager to bring the excitement and spectacle of Hollywood productions mixed with the martial arts action of the east  to South Wales.

“This is the first of its kind and not the last.”

The film’s end – dubbed “the smack-down” – is filmed in the bay, while two sniper scenes were filmed in the city centre.

Newport was the base for the film’s villain.

A poster for the film
A poster for the film


Starring alongside Shakesheff is the film’s co-producer David Newton, whose credits include The Sweeney, Rush and Captain America.

Co-producer David Ware said they were particularly keen to promote Wales with the film.

“Wales is an ideal location for filming,” said Ware.

“Wales can accommodate a city, valley or woodland setting without having to venture too far.

“Cardiff Bay was the setting used for the final scene of Kamikaze, with both Cardiff and Newport city centres being used predominantly.

“The wooded area of Llantrisant also lent itself the film.”

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