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Home / Latest News / Carl Curtis: Cardiff City kit debacle leaves fans feeling blue all over again

Carl Curtis: Cardiff City kit debacle leaves fans feeling blue all over again

It is nowhere near the level of anger that was felt among the City fans last summer when the rebranding was announced but this week’s calamitous kit launch left City fans seeing red, and two shades of it.

Let’s be honest, who would ever think that using Chinese red and cherry red would work alongside each other?

We have known for some time that the home kit was going to be red, as it was last season, but at least offer a design and a look that is smart in appearance even if we don’t like the primary colour.

Considering we are a club entering the most successful league in the world and the eyes of millions of people will be upon us, I cannot fathom how anybody could have looked at that kit prior to its launch and thought, ‘Yes, we can be proud of that!’

I used the word hideous to describe the kit on Wednesday and that it looked like we had bought the shirts and socks but forgotten to buy the shorts and sent someone hurriedly out to try and match them up. At best I could describe it as bizarre.

Furthermore, 12,000 of our 22,000 season ticket holders were then offered the opportunity to vote on a limited choice of colours for the shorts that would complete next season’s kit.

The club feel that by doing so they were listening to the fans, not true! The club was reacting to a barrage of negativity from supporters regarding the look of the kit.

Admittedly, the club did apologise for the colour gaffe but had they truly been listening to the fans then blue shorts would have undoubtedly been the choice of colour chosen.

As far as I am concerned, the club, and Vincent Tan in particular, could have used the turnaround to their benefit and satisfied thousands of disgruntled fans by making the shorts of the home kit blue.

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Tan would still have his ‘lucky red’ top and we, the lifeblood of the club, would have had a small but meaningful compromise with blue shorts.

The most successful nation in world football today is Spain and they play in red shirts and blue shorts, so are they not considered a lucky team?

That combination would have gone so far in building bridges between the club and its supporters but yet again an opportunity has been missed.

It seems we are deemed as replaceable customers and not fans these days.

Since the rebrand of last summer there have been several attempts by different people to organise protest groups and marches but all have failed for different reasons.

 But last weekend a group which formed on Facebook called ‘Bluebirds Unite’ has generated more than 2,000 members and had a successful bank holiday weekend celebrating the blue of Cardiff City Football Club.

Their objective is to simply get as many people to support the group and wear blue and not let the blue or the bluebird fade away.

I watched their numbers rise towards the end of the week as a result of the kit launch so in effect the club helped them gain members by producing the two-toned red effort that they did.

In July of 2012, it was promised that a randomly selected group of supporters would be brought together and they would have input into the design of a new badge and the kit itself but it never happened, that is a shame as I am sure supporters would have come up with a far better design than we currently have, especially the badge.

Vincent Tan should listen to the club’s dedicated supporters, the ones who have put their money in each season and in many cases continue to do so and come to a compromise with us.

Tan can make this club extremely successful, he can promote it abroad but he can also gain a lot of respect from the local fans by coming to a compromise with us over the colour.

I don’t know if it will ever happen but I hope it does.

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