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History of the sack truck – Blue of course

Sack Truck – General description A sack truck is known by several other names including a dolly a hand truck a sack barrow and a box cart. Constructed in the shape of a letter ‘L‘. It is basically a lever and is great for moving heavy objects; you simply tilt the object forward and slide the flat plate or one …

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Debt Management- Early steps

Debt management

Debt Management. In our last ‘Blog’ we discussed the first stage of solving debt problems and trying to work with your creditors, this week we are going to look at the next stage, what happens when either you ignore them or they won’t play ball!   Debt Management Creditors have the legal right to recover monies owed through the courts, …

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SEO Advice -what is “search engine optimisation”

Google bing yahoo

Every business has a website, and many take SEO advice in an attempt to be in a good position in the Google, Yahoo and Bing search listings. SEO consultants are like used car salesmen, only worse – their hourly rate is like that of a solicitor. They try and blind their customers with jargon and science, and spout the latest …

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Debt advice – Beat the Bailiff

beat the bailiff

Debt Advice Debt is a major problem, at present in the U.K. estimates are that 20 million people have serious concerns over Debt, many do not know where to go or what to do. Debt Advice – Where to get it: Commercial sector – Yes they are the ones that charge, but consider this if you want to get the …

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