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Health and Beauty

Apple Cider Vinegar – Health Benefits

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar was almost certainly found by accident as fermenting sweet sugary apples can of course result in cider but often goes a different route depending on the yeast present and result in apple cider vinegar. As well as being used in cooking and other uses in the household such as cleaning it has been found to be a …

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Breast cancer models glam up at fashion show fitting day

Sequined blouses, satin dresses and sparkly jewellery lined the rails of the fitting room as 24 first-time models waited anxiously to meet their catwalk attire. A total of 23 women and one man will take to the stage at Wales Millennium Centre as part of the Breast Cancer Care fashion show on March 5. The models, who range in age …

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Get the balance right for vital vitamin D

vitamin D

THE importance of vitamin D in our diets has been highlighted by health experts in the past few months as they raised concerns about the growing incidence of vitamin D deficiency amongst the UK population. Despite the recent summer heatwave, our diets and the lack of year-round sunlight means the UK has been described by health professionals as being in …

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Protein shakes for diabetics


There has been a lot of questions posed about protein shakes for diabetics. The main reason being that diabetes in both its types needs very careful monitoring. For background to protein shakes for diabetics see this article. The monitoring of the disease takes the form looking at how much blood sugar sticks to the oxygen carrying protein in blood, haemoglobin. Lowering …

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Make sure you don’t become one of the millions of people living with hepatitis


This weekend will see organisations across the world come together in order to raise awareness of hepatitis. Although many people may not be familiar with the condition, it continues to affect millions of people around the world with millions more at risk of getting the disease. Although there are many forms of the condition, hepatitis is a term used to …

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Protein Shakes – The basics

Protein shakes

Whilst personal trainers promote protein shakes as part of a weight loss program, incredibly the market in the USA last year was worth $2.7 billion dollars. This article takes a look at the use of protein shakes and what to look out for.   What are protein shakes? Basically they are milk shakes with an added protein powder. Some can …

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Hotel and Spa in Cardiff

Cardiff Hotel and Spa- St Davids Hotel

One of the most iconic hotels in Cardiff is the St Davids Hotel, this is in our view the one hotel and spa in Cardiff. Apart from being a hotel with spectacular views over Cardiff Bay it is perhaps its peripheral facilities that make  St Davids Hotel such a hit! If you are looking for a Hotel and Spa in …

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