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Toilet cleaning, Proven limescale removal from your toilet.

Toilet cleaning limescale removal

Search the internet for, descaling your toilet, toilet cleaning or limescale removal and methods using lemon juice, distilled vinegar, borax, coca cola and combinations of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are all mentioned. Having tried the following to various degrees of success we thought you might like to know about how we resolved the problem. This is a list of …

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The serious damage caused by flushing wet wipes down the toilet

wipes causing blockage

Wet wipes might appear to be a convenient cleaning product but they could be costing us all millions of pounds every year. Across the UK, wet wipes wrongly-labelled “flushable” are thought to be responsible for about 93% of sewage blockages in the UK. Welsh Water alone estimates it tackles about 2,000 blockages every month, at a cost of about £7 …

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‘My son was murdered but the people who did it have never been brought to justice’

Sitting on the sofa of his flat, Alan Vaughan takes a drag from his cigarette and looks at a photo of his wife and son. The image of Mary and Kyle on the mantelpiece is one of the many mementos that decorate his living room, reminding him of a happier time when the Vaughan family was just like any other. …

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A level results in Cardiff: How every school performed


Thousands of pupils across Cardiff have celebrated their A level results today. Across the city 29.5% of A level results were graded A* to A – compared to the Welsh national average of 26.3%. This year the overall pass rate in Cardiff is 98.3%, higher than the 97.4% national average across Wales. Of all entries in Cardiff, 78.3% were graded …

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Cardiff author lands transatlantic book deal after more than 20 years of writing

The dream of getting published and seeing your work on a bookshop’s shelf keeps writers across Wales typing late into the night. Claire Fayers started writing in the early 1990s and at last she has the delight of seeing her first published novel on sale across the UK and United States. Her fantasy adventure has been chosen as a book …

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Cardiff school teacher reveals story behind Lee Rigby’s jihadi killer

It is almost beyond comprehension – how could British-born teenagers educated in British schools in British towns and cities be drawn to international jihad and Islamic State?  Yet during my three years working at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff – a city where three young men were eventually jailed for helping IS – I watched as children were radicalised under …

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Overfed pet Corgi Tyke who was being ‘killed with kindness’ is taken off his owner

Denise Leitch let Corgi Tyke balloon to double his recommended weight She was ‘killing it with kindness’ with all the snacks she would feed him But he has now been taken from her after becoming dangerously oversized Mrs Leitch escaped a jail term but has lost her pet who will go to new home By Euan McLelland For MailOnline Published: …

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Expert claims study that says showering dogs with affection stresses them out is wrong

Earlier this month, a study set dog-lovers in a frenzy after it revealed that hugging your canine companions may actually be causing them stress. Dogs despise being held close by their owners because their first line of defense is to run away, the research explained, and suggested humans choose other ways to show their affection. But, not all experts agree …

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Man accused of murdering a toddler tells jury ‘I haven’t done anything’

A man accused of murdering his partner’s toddler has sworn that he had never put his hands on him. Sean Buckley, 28, is standing trial at Cardiff Crown Court accused of murdering 17-month old Finley Thomas, who was found injured at his home in Adams Street, Tonypandy , on September 23, 2014, which he denies. He is also accused of …

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Euro 2016: Wales players in the eyes of their families

As the Wales squad gears up for the country’s first appearance at a major football tournament since 1958, families of some of the players have revealed what their sons, brothers and husbands are like off the pitch. Joe Allen Image copyright Getty Images Joe Allen has become one of the most recognisable faces in football, but to his two sisters …

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