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On Land

Bees ‘prefer city to countryside’

Bumblebees seem to prefer the buzz of the city to the countryside, a large-scale “citizen’s science” study has found. They also like to have a cool breeze on their backs when foraging, and choose English lavender over the more “flowery” French variety, according to the findings. Scientists were surprised to receive more bumblebee sightings from volunteers in city centres than …

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Cardiff Kids Activities

Cardiff kids activities are extensive in their variety and number covering Cardiff kids activities outdoors, indoor kids activities and Cardiff kids activities in the Bay. The Cardiff kids activities included on the site are cycling, walking, nature trails and park activities. We have tried to include kids activities that are free or reasonably inexpensive as entertaining children during the summer …

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Stained Glass Windows in Cardiff buildings

Bench glass

Stained glass windows or as they are sometimes called leaded lights are pieces of coloured glass made up into windows and joined by soldered lead sections their history is fascinating and the mode of construction allowed for small pieces of expensive coloured glass to be joined together in fantastic decorative patterns. The history of stained glass windows in Cardiff goes …

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Adding photos to a WordPress Site.

Step by Step Guide to Adding photos to a WordPress Site.   Enter Domain name then/wp-admin in the URL box in your browser Enter your username and password. Go to the “dashboard” and select either posts or pages. Hovering over the article title will give you an additional menu that contains Edit, Quick edit , Trash and View, click “edit” …

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Car boot sales: Where to find a good one this weekend

car boot sales wales

1. Cardiff Where: Bessemer Road, CF11 8BA When: Sunday (7am-1pm) Price for sellers: £7 per car and £10 per van Price for buyers: Free See also Car boot sales Cardiff 2. Swansea Where: Liberty Stadium, SA1 2FA When: Sunday from 5.30am for sellers and 7.15am for buyers Price for sellers: Starts at £6 for outside spaces and from £10 for …

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Track days in Cardiff

Track days

Track days Cardiff – Llandow Cardiff track days are a brilliant way to experience driving, away from the constraints of speed limits, age restrictions and vehicle style. The sensation of being thrown about strapped into a car with the specific purpose of getting round a circuit in the shortest possible time is to some almost narcotic in its attraction. The …

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Jazz Clubs and Cafe Bars in Cardiff

Jazz clubs and cafe bars in Cardiff

Cardiff Jazz Clubs and Cafe Bars This article gives an overview of Cardiff Jazz Clubs and Café bars in Cardiff as well as reviewing the major jazz festivals in South Wales. CARDIFF – LIVE EVENTS at JAZZ CLUBS – Keep a check on future Jazz Clubs and their events with this link.  Jazz Clubs  The Parkhouse club has regular jazz clubs …

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Millennium Stadium Cardiff

millennium stadium

Cardiff Millennium Stadium, opened in June 1999, is one of the leading sport, music concert and exhibition venues in the United Kingdom and has a fully seated capacity of 74,500 spectators over 3 tiers. Boasting the first fully retractable roof in the country, Cardiff Millennium Stadium has quickly become a world class host for such events as the English FA …

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12 Golf Courses : best in South Wales?

Golf courses Celtic-Manor-1

Golf Courses – South Wales Wales’ first Senior Open Championship, held at Royal Porthcawl, was a great success played on one of the best golf courses in South Wales. Golf is seriously popular in south Wales so here are 12 of the best of golf courses South Wales can offer just a short drive away. All of these Golf Courses feature Wales’ …

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Driving Simulator Chairs- Risk free racing!


Driving Simulator Chairs Driving simulator chairs get described in a variety of ways: Driving simulator chairs, Driving gaming chairs, Racing simulator gaming chairs, Racing gaming chairs, Racing seat simulator, The concept though is quite simple and that is to provide a chair that simulates the driving position and the driving experience available through computer games. The chairs are compatible with …

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