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On the Water

Trailer suspension unit – repair / replace

Trailer suspension unit repair is quite simple if the trailer is constructed in such a way that the unit can be replaced by simply bolting on a new one. With age the suspension units can sag as the rubber becomes tired and loses its spring often becoming permanently deformed.  Many types of dinghy trailer were constructed with an integrated suspension …

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Cardiff Bay Sailing -Whipping Knots and Splicing

Splicing ropes Cardiff Bay

If you are out in Cardiff Bay sailing frayed rope ends can be really annoying. many sailors concentrate on sailing and don’t find time to learn techniques on how to whip rope ends. Splice two ropes together or tie specialist knots so we have put together a collection of videos to keep in one place for general reference. Cardiff Bay …

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Dainty Duck Flying Fifteen prototype – More than one?

Dainty duck contemporary Femme Fatal FF28

I know it’s difficult to believe but an announcement on ebay of the sale of “Dainty Duck” one of the very early flying fifteens has caused a bit of a stir! The ‘Dainty Duck” is advertised in deepest west wales. Llanfyrnach, Pembrokeshire to be precise. The reason, well a fully restored version was seen at the Southhampton boat show about …

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Extreme 40 Sailing Report

Team Wales (Landrover logo) contest the start

Extreme sailing report for Saturday June 24th. Wind recorded 12 knots SW, though it must be said the gusts added 5 knots to that! Given the rain the previous day the sun shined through the high cloud. On the water the extreme 40 ‘s delighted the crowds ashore, with no real dominant boat there were wins up for grabs. Team …

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Extreme Sailing Cardiff Bay

Extreme sailing

Extreme Sailing is the name and also a very good description of the sport. The location for what is described as Act 6 is in Cardiff Bay. What is interesting about this years offering is the mixture  of sailing events with the kids sailing dinghy the optimist, in a racing program that includes 40 foot racing catamarans.  Hopefully the optimist shown here …

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Port of Cardiff

Port of Cardiff - Ariel view

The Port of Cardiff handles approximately 2.1 million tonnes of imported & exported goods annually and is one of the most important ports in the United Kingdom. Situated on the northern side of the Severn Estuary, the Port of Cardiff was first opened in the late eighteenth century and quickly became pre-eminent in the export of iron-ore. It was then …

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Activities for Kids Cardiff Bay

Activities for kids - Cardiff Bay

Cardiff activities for kids are to be enjoyed all over the city and with so much to do, locals and visitors are really spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a great day out. A big draw to the area is the Dr Who Experience, which is one of the most popular Cardiff Bay activities for kids, as is …

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Balanced rudder and Flying Fifteen sailing.

Balanced Rudder

Balanced rudder in Classic Flying Fifteen sailing. The classic fleet of Flying Fifteens in Cardiff Bay is an excellent example of diversity; the range of boats varies from Shepherds, Copland, Windebank, Wyche and Coppock all designs that employ a balanced rudder. Whilst we need to recognise that there is a considerable range of crew ability, it also has to be …

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Fishing in Cardiff

Fishing in Cardiff- Cardiff foreshore

Fishing in Cardiff is regarded as some of the best anywhere in Wales and offers a fantastic wide range of angling opportunities including fly fishing, coarse fishing, game fishing and sea fishing. If you are looking for a few hours of peace and tranquility on a river bank or lake side, then fishing in Cardiff is definitely your chance to …

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Cardiff Carp Fishing and Tackle

We are beginning to think that Cardiff Carp fishing is one of the best kept secrets in in UK! It is true that 40lb fish are rare in Cardiff area but regular 30lb fish can be caught at multiple locations and then we have the fast growing jewel in the crown. Carp fishing in Cardiff Bay. Glamorgan Anglers Club are …

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