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Former House of Lords advisor on trial for harassment tells court he owns fire arms and various explosives

A former House of Lords specialist advisor currently on trial for harassment told a court he has a weapons collection that includes “shotguns and various explosives”. Desmond Hughes, 65, of Began Road, Old St Mellons, who is accused of directing CCTV cameras on his next-door neighbours’ property, claimed he had mounted the devices after receiving “security advice”. Both Hughes and …

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‘Body in the Bags’ killer Malcolm Green

Green - Cardiff murderer

Green – Perpetrator of Body in the Bags murders When Malcolm Green was 18-years-old, he witnessed the horrific death of his 20 year old brother, who was run over by a train going to a football match in Reading. Malcom then had to undergo the traumatic task of identifying the mutilated body in a mortuary. This story perhaps offers an …

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Martin Shipton: Bethan Jenkins’ refusal to apologise for hotel expenses is unacceptable

Every morning thousands of commuters from Swansea, Neath and the surrounding areas travel into Cardiff to earn their living. None of them would dream of expecting their employer to put them up in a Cardiff hotel so they could get to work by 9am. This week, however, the head of the National Assembly’s administration ruled that it was quite proper …

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Keep your cool, and your dignity, as those around you are losing theirs

In case I wasn’t aware we were heading for the hottest day of the year in Wales, a chap in Cardiff’s Thompson Park was rubbing it in. So distracting was the full horror of his sun-worshipping scene I almost crashed the car. Crotch facing the road, he lay spread-eagled on the grassy bank in a miniscule pair of budgie-smugglers. I …

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Cardiff dog that lost leg after snake bite is ‘bouncing back’

A Labrador cross is bouncing back to full health after losing her leg following a snake bite. Missy was bitten while out for her daily walk with owner John Staniforth in St Mellons, Cardiff. The pooch began to limp on the way back home – with Mr Staniforth, 62, and wife Alison, 55, thinking their beloved pet had simply scratched …

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Cardiff council to introduce £100 fines for food waste found in wrong bin bags

Householders face on-the-spot £100 fines for not putting their rubbish in the correct bins as part of a raft of new “zero tolerance” measures aimed at cleaning up Cardiff’s streets. People wrongly dumping their leftover food scraps in black bags will be targeted in the crackdown by Cardiff council waste enforcement officers, it was announced yesterday. If the fine is …

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The new boxing drama that is set to pack a punch with theatre audiences

There have been plenty of examples over the years of film stars who’ve transformed themselves physically to portray boxers on screen.   Robert De Niro in Raging Bull, Daniel Day Lewis in The Boxer and Sylvester Stallone in Rocky all famously honed their physiques with gruelling work-out schedules in an effort to pass themselves off as professional pugilists for a movie …

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Restaurant review: ASK Italian Restaurant, Wyndham Arcade, Mill Lane

Ask Italian restaurant

Taking young children out for a meal in a swish city centre restaurant can be a bit like walking a tight rope – one wrong move and it can all go horribly wrong. But if you do feel brave enough, I would highly recommend the ASK Italian restaurant in Cardiff as a good place to take the risk. This stylish …

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‘Naval’ garden party

Naval display

Officers representing HMS Dragon (Cardiff), HMS Scott (Swansea), HMS Severn (Newport), HMS Monmouth (Monmouth) and HMS Express (Cardiff/Swansea Universities) gathered together in support of the British Warships Association garden party in aid of the Royal Navy Royal Marine charity. The 120 guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, with displays from the Royal Marine combat team and a field gun run from …

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Read the Sophie Evans story in tomorrow’s Week End magazine

She’s best known as Dorothy in the hit stage show The Wizard Of Oz but fast foward a few years and Sophie Evans is now reaching new heights in the world of showbiz with a role in her first feature film. Tonypandy’s most famous redhead is revealing all in tomorrow’s Western Mail Week End magazine in an in-depth interview and …

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