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Things to Do

Toilet cleaning, Proven limescale removal from your toilet.

Toilet cleaning limescale removal

Search the internet for, descaling your toilet, toilet cleaning or limescale removal and methods using lemon juice, distilled vinegar, borax, coca cola and combinations of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are all mentioned. Having tried the following to various degrees of success we thought you might like to know about how we resolved the problem. This is a list of …

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Fireworks in Cardiff 2019

Fireworks in Cardiff - Sophiaworks

Fireworks in Cardiff – Displays Every year the Fireworks in Cardiff seem to get better and better in comparison with previous years. The annual firework events now often include guest host presenters, music as well as  food and drink. You can even enjoy Bonfire night fireworks from the warmth of a hospitality suite if you so desire. Basic Firework Planning …

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A City For Everyone: Accessibility For Tourists

Cardiff a city for everyone

It is estimated that the UK population will rise to 74 million by 2039, according to data from the Office of National Statistics, making accessibility more important than ever to ensure that we cater to the needs of all our citizens when they’re on holiday. Whether it’s an afternoon of culture you’re looking for, or an afternoon tea, knowing that everyone in …

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3 Must-Visit Diving Spots Near Cardiff

3 Must-Visit Diving Spots Near Cardiff

Every year more than 18.3 million visitors descend upon Cardiff, eager to explore its countless castles and to find out first-hand why it is known as the City of Arcades (the city boasts the largest concentration of Edwardian, Victorian and modern-day indoor shopping arcades in Britain). While there is a myriad of tourist attractions to explore in the area, there is also …

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Trailer suspension unit – repair / replace

Trailer suspension unit repair is quite simple if the trailer is constructed in such a way that the unit can be replaced by simply bolting on a new one. With age the suspension units can sag as the rubber becomes tired and loses its spring often becoming permanently deformed.  Many types of dinghy trailer were constructed with an integrated suspension …

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Pictures show extent of toxic blue-green algae at Roath Park Lake in Cardiff

Roath Park Lake Algae

Roath Park Lake has been temporarily closed after the presence of blue-green algae – a form of bacteria which can kill dogs – was confirmed in the area. Natural Resources Wales confirmed the presence of the potentially toxic algae in the lake earlier this week. A series of pictures and video footage taken on Saturday show a thick layer of …

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Inside Jurassic Kingdom as the touring dinosaur experience arrives in Cardiff

caged raptors

Life-sized dinosaurs will be taking over a Cardiff park this weekend as Jurassic Kingdom comes to the Welsh capital. The immersive and interactive attraction will be opening in Bute Park on Saturday, August 11 and it’ll be sticking around until Monday, August 27. During their stint in Wales, the park’s new residents will offer an interactive, life-sized replica experience – …

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Try Oakwood Theme Park rollercoasters First

oakwood roller coaster

Just like beer tester at a brewery would be the dream job for many adults, most teenagers would love to be appointed fun advisor at their local theme park. Imagine it – being asked to give your opinion on future developments, as well as be having exclusive first access to try out all new rides and attractions. Well, for three …

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Dippy the dinosaur comes to Cardiff

Dinosaur head

The plaster cast reproduction, long referred to as Dippy, will spend a minimum of four to sixth months in Cardiff. He will have to be dismantled and reassembled at every destination of the tour. Museum director Sir Michael Dixon said: “We wanted Dippy to visit unusual locations so he can draw in people that may not traditionally visit a museum. …

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A floating football pitch for Cardiff Bay as part of the Champions League

Champions league floating pitch

Marc Diaper works for Coffi Co coffeehouse in Cardiff Bay. They have been viewing the pitch being assembled all day. While there is generally a football pitch constructed as a part of the festival, this particular one is the first floating pitch that has been created. On Friday, June 2, it will hold the Ultimate Champions Match showcasing footballing legends. …

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