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Home / Latest News / Crimewatch episode spurred girl to tell mother she had been sexually abused, court told

Crimewatch episode spurred girl to tell mother she had been sexually abused, court told

A young girl told her mother she had been sexually abused after watching an episode of Crimewatch, a court heard.

Dale Wiegold, 39, denies 14 counts of sexual abuse, including two counts of rape, against two girls under 16.

Sue Ferrie, prosecuting, told Cardiff Crown Court one of the girls told her mother about the abuse after watching an episode of Crimewatch.

Ms Ferrie said her mother asked her if anyone had ever touched her and that the girl became upset and said Wiegold had pulled her hand on to what she described as his “bits”.

Ms Ferrie said he asked if the girl wanted sex and that although she said no he removed her clothes and carried out a sex act on her.

Ms Ferrie said Wiegold was using the other girl for his “own sexual gratification” for quite some time.

The girl, who gave evidence yesterday, said: “Lots of things happened sexually with me and Dale.”

Ms Ferrie said Wiegold used a blanket as a cover to sexually touch the girl or to get her to touch him.

The girl said this happened “quite often”.

She described the first time he touched her as “horrible”.

She said: “I told him I didn’t like it and wanted it to stop. He told me that it wouldn’t hurt and carried on.”

The girl said she was forced to perform a sex act on Wiegold, of Heol Aneurin, Caerphilly, on two occasions.

She said: “It was horrible, I didn’t like it at all, it made me want to go and cry.”

Ms Ferrie said the girl was scared about telling her mother and was worried about how she would react.

The girl said: “I was scared. It was not something I wanted to talk about.”

Ms Ferrie said Wiegold told police when interviewed that the girl was telling lies.

Matthew Roberts, defending, suggested that the reason the girl did not mention it earlier was because it did not happen.

The girl replied: “It did happen.”

The trial continues.

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