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Doctor Who: Memorable moments from the visit to the set by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles- the next Doctor?

We’ve yet to hear a peep from the BBC on who will be filling Matt Smith’s shoes after his last hurrah in the Christmas episode – but perhaps what Doctor Who needs is a royal touch? Prince Charles seemed to get a handle of the basics this morning – taking a keen interest in how the TARDIS works and even having a go with a sonic screwdriver. We don’t want to make any assumptions, but we do think his Highness could rock tweed and a bow tie…

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman’s big welcome

“Your Highnesses! Welcome!” You could tell the 11th Doctor was overjoyed to show the royals around the TARDIS, greeting them with his usual exuberance with assistant Clara at his side. Not a bit of the famous ship was missed out, from the giant red button (Smith: “Oh, there’s always got to be a big red button!”) to the whirring contraptions seen on screen in the popular series.

Later, Smith told us the royals were “very charming and affable”, adding: “He seemed very interested in the piloting side of things and how it all worked. He also told us about how he’s been a fan of the show since he was about 15- which we didn’t know before.”

But it was the Prince’s sartorial choices which impressed Smith. “I have to say, he had the most fantastic shoes!”

View gallery

View gallery


The Duchess takes on the TARDIS

It’s not every day you have a member at the royal family at the helm. Matt Smith insisted on letting one of the royals have a go at transporting them and the watching pressers on a voyage through space and time. With the Duchess at the helm of the all-important lever, perhaps Camilla is a dead cert for the next Doctor’s companion?

The show’s producer Steven Moffat certainly thought the Prince could have a place in the popular sci-fi show. “I haven’t thought about how I could weave a meeting between the Doctor and the royal family.

“But if Prince Charles wants a part, I’m sure we could arrange something.”

Prince Charles v the Daleks (Vine):


Here’s another reason Prince Charles and Camilla could have a place on the show –  when confronted by the Time Lord’s greatest nemesis, they didn’t even bat an eyelid. The Daleks could scream EXTERMINATE all they liked, but he wasn’t bothered. The same went for the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels – no match for the royals! Moffat should really give them a call.

Prince Charles IS a Dalek?

The Prince of Wales impressed actor and sound technician Nicholas Briggs when he attempted the Daleks’ famous catchphrase using a microphone plugged into a sound moderator.

“He really stepped up to the plate,” said Briggs. “Apart from a couple of giggles at the end, he did really good.”

Prince Charles did seem at home with the electro-screech of “Exterminate!” Perhaps we were too hasty in pitching him as the next Time Lord – you never know, we might well see a royal Dalek join the next series.

In all, probably not the most surreal day at the office for the cast and crew of Doctor Who, but certainly a memorable one.

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