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Dozens of anglers held during bootleg fishing crackdown on a River Tees

Scores of anglers have been held fishing illegally during a crackdown.

Neighbourhood military officers assimilated army with a Environment Agency to unit a River Tees as partial of a partnership proceed to rebellious a operation of offences.

Around 58 offences, including, fishing for freshwater fish during a tighten season, fishing but an Environment Agency rod licence, and unwell to furnish scold sum were rescued after PCSOs and EA staff carried out vessel patrols from a Tees Barrage to Worsall.

The operation ran from Mar to Jun during a tighten deteriorate for fishing for freshwater fish on a River Tees, with a deteriorate being regulated and enforced by Environment Agency byelaws.

Police also helped understanding with anti-social behaviour, bootleg fires or drug and ethanol offences along a river.

As reported in The Gazette , Luke Johnson, 26, of Wykeham Close in Redcar , was fined £435, systematic to compensate costs of £127, and a plant surcharge of £43 during Teesside Magistrates’ Court final week.

He was charged with fishing during tighten deteriorate and but a rod looseness during Preston Park on a River Tees, on Apr 15, 2017, with a offences proven in his absence.

Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger said: “The Rural Crime Forum continues to do good work to tackle offences that means mistreat to a communities and these patrols are one step serve in building on a partnership with a Environment Agency.

“We wish to continue these vessel patrols via a rest of a year.”

Andrew Naylor, Fisheries Enforcement Officer for a Environment Agency said: “The tighten deteriorate is such an critical time for a stream as it helps to say and rise a rivers fish bonds and a patrols cover an area that is differently formidable to access.”

Kevin Summerson, Fisheries Enforcement Technical Specialist for a Environment Agency in a North East, said: “Our officers work tough all year turn to aim bootleg fishing and safeguard those flouting a law are dealt with appropriately.

“But a tighten deteriorate is a quite critical time of year and allows fish a time to multiply and spawn. We’ve been observant in looking for anglers who have no honour for tighten deteriorate or a sport.”

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