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Children running in the green park.

Cardiff Kids Activities

Cardiff kids activities are extensive in their variety and number covering Cardiff kids activities outdoors, indoor kids activities and Cardiff kids activities in the Bay.

The Cardiff kids activities included on the site are cycling, walking, nature trails and park activities. We have tried to include kids activities that are free or reasonably inexpensive as entertaining children during the summer holidays or half term can be tiring, frustrating and expensive.

With the weather often dictating where you go we have included the favourite kids activities such as leisure centres, swimming pools and play centres.

Cardiff Bay is a good source of activity with Techniquest, the Road Train, World of Boats and the Dr Who Experience all available. In addition the bay often has events like the food fairs, and visiting attractions on Roald Dahl plaza.

One of the best of the Cardiff kids activities available this summer the area was in front of the Millennium centre. Which was turned into a beach! It was a real success which means it will probably be repeated next year.
Traveling outside Cardiff brings in to play a large variety of small and farm animal centres. One of the best loved of all of the Cardiff kids activities.

Cardiff kids activities – Local Welsh History

Cosmeston Medieval village is a discovery and reconstruction of a village to the west of Cardiff a few miles.

When the lakes were being developed in 1978 a village over 600 years old, was uncovered at the Cosmeston Lakes Country Park. there are many kids activities in the park including opportunities to picnic.

Remains of 13th -14th century stone buildings led to a long-term research study.

The medieval village seen today is fully accessible to visitors and is reconstructed to be as it was in 1350.

At that time King Edward III ruled a land at war with France (the Hundred Years War) and Britain was slowly recovering from the Black Death of 1348, which killed half the people alive then!

Cosmeston Medieval village website
Cardiff kids activities – Indoor activities.

Being the capital of Wales Cardiff gets its share of the weather and this means that sometimes Cardiff kids activities have to be indoor ones. Cardiff has some first class entertainment that doubles as education. Techniquest sand Cardiff museum being good examples. St Fagans offers both indoor and outdoor Cardiff kids activities and like all museums in Wales has free admission.




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