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Home / Latest News / Drunken vicar stumbles into wedding ceremony and proclaims: ‘I’m not drunk’

Drunken vicar stumbles into wedding ceremony and proclaims: ‘I’m not drunk’

Wedding guests were left speechless when the vicar tried to perform the ceremony after having one drink too many.

Members of the congregation claimed they could hear Reverend Brian Taylor shouting and singing from behind the locked vestry door, where he had been ushered to sober up, after stumbling up the aisle. 

As another clergyman stepped up to the pulpit, the inebriated reverend was heard to say: “In the name of the Lord, I’m not drunk. There’s nothing wrong with me. I want to do the wedding.”

Usher Rhodri Jones noticed the reverend’s unusual behaviour as bride Lori Collins and groom Chris John, from Treorchy, arrived at St George’s Church in Cwmparc, Rhondda.

He said: “I will never forget seeing the vicar zigzag down the hill to the church with his gown blowing in the wind and rain.

“He got to the gate but couldn’t stop himself and nearly fell down a bank.

“The photographer asked him if he was OK, and he replied, ‘Not quite’.

“He walked past me like Jack Sparrow, tripped over the step into the church and fell through the door in front of 96 people.”

The usher added he had struggled to suppress laughter.

Another guest alleged the vicar cut his hand after the fall and was taken to the vestry by a chorister, who advised the congregation he was unwell.

Wearing a strapless, long white dress and clutching a posy of summer flowers, the bride waited in the car as another vicar hurried to the church to perform the ceremony.

Dressed in charcoal grey morning suits and yellow-green ties, the groom, best man and ushers paced nervously inside the church.

Chris and Lori, both 24, splashed out more than £20,000 on their special day and had spent months planning last Saturday’s service.

Fortunately, the couple, who are now enjoying a three-week honeymoon, saw the funny side and told friends they had “a wonderful day”, despite the escapade.

The service was finally taken by Reverend Gareth Cousins, who lives close to the church.

The mother of the bride Debbie Collins, 49, believes the couple would not have been able to get married if Reverend Cousins had not stepped in to save the day.

Mr Taylor, who had celebrated his 52nd birthday two days before the incident, said he was unable to comment.

A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Llandaff said: “This is a very unfortunate incident and we are investigating what happened. We are sincerely sorry for any upset or inconvenience caused to all those at the service.”

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