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Home / Entertainment / Eurovision winners return to Welsh roots for poignant performance

Eurovision winners return to Welsh roots for poignant performance

Eurovision Song Contest Winners Brotherhood of Man will be returning to Wales this weekend for a rare and special performance to re-kindle childhood singing memories for one of their founding singers.

Eurovsion winners

The group, who won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest with “Save Your Kisses for Me” will be making a special visit to Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli as part of a historic reunion performance with a childhood teacher and choir.

The United Kingdoms Brotherhood of Man, performs in the Eurovision event at the Sage in Gateshead to raise funds for the Toma Fund on 11th April 2012.

They will join legendary conductor John Hywel Williams and Llanelli’s famous Hywel Girls’ Choir Hywel Boy Singers.

As well as celebrating Christmas and music, the concert will also have a poignant theme as the choristers and singers, all tutored by J ohn Hywel Williams and wife Jean Hywel – are reuniting in tribute to Jean who was sadly killed in a car crash accident earlier this summer whilst leave the concert stage and a standing ovation.

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Original pop sensation

Nicky Stevens, a founding member of the original pop sensation, is a native of Carmarthenshire. She enjoyed singing tuition with conductor and singing coach John Hywel Williams and was a chorister with the Hywel Girls’ Choir before launching a hugely successful career, going onto sell over five million records and enjoying No. 1 hits in 33 countries.

BROTHERHOOD OF MAN FEB1976 UK Eurovision Song Contest Entrant 1976 ©Mirrorpix

The historic sell-out performance on Saturday will see a giant cast of more than 250 singers and musicians unite for The Great Christmas Fantasia.

Brotherhood of Man will perform a range of their hits over the years and audiences can look forward to hearing them join forces with the Hywel Girls’ Choir Hywel Boy Singers to perform a first ever joint rendition of the Eurovision winning song “Save Your Kisses for Me”.

British Pop group Brotherhood of Man returning in triumph to Londons Heathrow Airport, having just won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest. From l-r: Lee Sheridan, Martin lee, Nicky Stevens, Sandra Stevens

And this: Wales’ only Eurovision winner still believes in the Brotherhood of Man

“It’s always wonderful to meet up with Nicky”, said John Hywel.

“I am proud of all of the thousands of my students over the years – many of which have gone onto successful careers in Opera, West End, Broadway and the world of Pop. But seeing Nicky always warms my heart. Not all students go onto sell over 5 million records and the warmth and fun of her personality is contagious!”

Special tribute

The giant cast on the night will include the massed voices of the Hywel Girls’ Choir Hywel Boy Singers, Angelicus Chorale, Llanelli Choral Society and a historic Reunion Chorus of the Hywel Choir – all founded by John Hywel Williams, the British Sinfonietta Orchestra, Brotherhood of Man.

TV Crews will be filming the preparations for the performance and the show as part of a special tribute on Jean.

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In July John Hywel Williams dedicated his Lifetime Recognition Award to his lifetime musical partner – his beloved wife Jean who was killed two months before as they returned home from a VE Day concert.

Life-long dedication

Mr Williams received the award for his life-long dedication to the music, culture and youth of Wales during a ceremony hosted by Radio Carmarthenshire.

It reflects more than 60 years of voluntary work with young people in Wales and his pioneering choral leadership.

But the major accolade was bittersweet as it came just two months after his wife Jean was killed and he was seriously injured during a car accident in Llanelli , where he lives.

At the time, the couple, who were married for 55 years, were returning home following a VE Day concert at St Elli Parish Church in Llanelli.

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