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Ex-Lord Mayor’s psychic daughter foresees bright future as TV clairvoyant

She’s the former Lord Mayor’s daughter who claims she honed her psychic powers after seeing visions of a troubled friend thousands of miles away.

And now Welsh medium Leigh-Catherine Salway is hoping to reach a wide audience after landing a regular slot as a TV psychic.

The Cardiffian, who says she comes from an “intuitive” family and discovered her “gift” 20 years ago, will answer viewers’ questions live on Foxy TV and give help and advice on a range of subjects.

The 43-year-old said: “I was told in my early 20s that I had the gift. My nana and cousin were very intuitive too. I used to go for readings and the mediums could sense that I had was intuitive too.

“I did some readings for people but then I travelled for years and it was when I was in Australia that I had two real prophetic visions.

“I had a dream about an ex-boyfriend of mine that something was really wrong with his life.

“I hadn’t heard from him for years and then I got an e-mail from my mum, telling me that [Cardiff-based] Allied Steel and Wire was closing down and that there was a problem with the pensions and he was working there at the time.

“Another time, I was working on a ranch and I sensed that one of the horses was very ill. Its owners had put it down to him being lame but I said to them that I felt it was something more serious than that. I was so worried that I went with a friend of mine to see him  and he was lying on the floor in absolute agony with the worse case of colic ever. He could have died so I was very relieved.”

After returning to the UK she came across someone involved in the spiritual church and started providing private readings, before coming to the attention of TV bosses.

Leigh-Catherine, daughter of the former Lord Mayor of Cardiff Freda Salway, added: “I’ve done a couple of shows already and they’ve gone really well. I’ve had really positive feedback from everybody.

“The questions to me have been really varied. Some people are looking from a message from loved ones who have passed away and other people just want to know if they are going to have any luck getting a new job. There are people asking in relation to their business, like whether to open a new shop or whether they are going the right direction in their education.

“I’m on for two hours so it can be quite exhausting.”

Meanwhile, the medium, who is also the political officer for Pupaid – a non-profit organisation set up by Marc Abraham the TV vet to fight and stop puppy farming – accepts that not everyone holds a positive view of psychics.

“I know there are a lot of charlatans out there but I can assure people I’m not one,” she said. “Everyone is entitled to their opinions, just as long as people aren’t being nasty for the sake of it. After all, if we were all tolerant of each other, there would be world peace.”

Leigh-Catherine can be seen on Foxy TV on Wednesday by logging onto website between 7pm and 9pm.

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