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Team Wales (Landrover logo) contest the start
Extreme 40 - Team Wales (Landrover logo) contest the start.

Extreme 40 Sailing Report

Extreme sailing report for Saturday June 24th. Wind recorded 12 knots SW, though it must be said the gusts added 5 knots to that!

Given the rain the previous day the sun shined through the high cloud.

On the water the extreme 40 ‘s delighted the crowds ashore, with no real dominant boat there were wins up for grabs. Team Wales in the form of the Landrover sails had several significant moments but unfortunately failed to put them all together in one race.

Team Wales (Landrover logo) contest the start
Extreme 40 – Team Wales (Landrover logo) contest the start.


The racing village was busy as silver casks appeared offering samples of the Cornish beer ‘Doom Bar’ were offered for free. The quay side was populated by some well know faces from the summer, as Alex Cuthbert fresh from Cardiff Blues in last night spoke of his sail on one of the extreme 40 ‘s in Cardiff Bay.


Extreme sailing village
Extreme 40 racing village


This interview was squeezed in between the racing with race control overlooking the Bay. Commentary was clear and informed as the course was regularly explained so that the majority of the crowd who were non sailors got the feel of the tension on the water.


Extreme 40 – Race control

Countdown to the start was clearly displayed for all to see and with the boats starting only 150 metres away everyone got a good view. The start was also the location of the bottom of the race course marked by a red buoy. This part of the course was also susceptible to some of the bigger gusts of wind and  on one occasion one of the Extreme 40 ‘s (The Wave Muscat) was on collision course for this red mark, only for a gust to hit and the extreme 40 swopped from its twin hull mode to one hull, meaning the boat passed over the top of the mark!  Penalty surely is that allowed? On this occasion the remote controlled heli camera was further down the course so nothing was recorded.

The oohs from the crowd just added to the atmosphere.

If sailing isn’t your thing then the Harbour festival complete with beach and paddling pool is available on Roald Dahl Plaza. You can take your pick of the coconut macroon stall, a massive pick and mix sweet stall, try out english chillis or greek sausage.

Extreme 40 - Cardiff Harbour festival
Extreme 40 Cardiff Harbour festival

The Extreme 40 ‘s will be on the water through the rest of the Bank Holiday, take a look !

For the Extreme 40 Racing village location see here

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