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Extreme sailing

Extreme Sailing Cardiff Bay

Extreme Sailing is the name and also a very good description of the sport. The location for what is described as Act 6 is in Cardiff Bay.

What is interesting about this years offering is the mixture  of sailing events with the kids sailing dinghy the optimist, in a racing program that includes 40 foot racing catamarans. Optimist dinghy

Hopefully the optimist shown here will not have to cope with the waves in our picture, if it does it will really be extreme sailing.

The event is part of the Cardiff Harbour Festival and the extreme sailing, so named after the Extreme 40’s cats involves 8 boats sailing in the Bay running from the 23rd to the 26th August.

Last years extreme sailing event had some pretty dramatic action as can be seen in our pic, viewing the boats racing is easy as the start and finish is close to the harbour side. The races are always close and often have surprises, capsizes, everyones favourite, are not common but do happen, but what is clear is the spectacle of colour and the sound of creaking hulls has to be experienced.



Extreme sailing

This year there is also the opportunity to visit the free extreme sailing racing village located at harbour drive in the Bay, you can enjoy a beer and get the feel for the excitement of the event.
The extreme sailing series at the moment is really close with The wave Muscat and Alinghi tied on equal points at 36 and Red Bull Sailing team close behind on 30 points.

Extreme sailing in Cardiff Bay website

Extreme sailing
Extreme Sailng action in Cardiff Bay from last year 2012







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