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Home / Latest News / ‘Extremely dangerous’ cannabis factory fire could be repeated elsewhere in Cardiff

‘Extremely dangerous’ cannabis factory fire could be repeated elsewhere in Cardiff

Concerns have been raised that the fire in a cannabis factory in part of Cardiff could be repeated anywhere in the city.

Firefighters discovered the factory on the upper floor of a house in Clare Road, Grangetown, as they tackled a blaze in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The cause is still under joint investigation by South Wales Fire and Rescue and South Wales Police, but emergency workers have said “extremely dangerous” electrical wiring which had bypassed the mains meter was found at the scene.

Cardiff South and Penarth MP Stephen Doughty said he was “very concerned”, adding: “It’s not just a concern for Grangetown, it’s a concern for Cardiff

“This isn’t the first time police have found properties of this nature.”

Mr Doughty said there were “clear dangers” with cannabis farms, especially when electricity sources are tampered with to provide the extra power growing cannabis requires.

Grangetown councillor Ashley Govier said he shared Mr Doughty’s worries about properties used to grow cannabis.

Coun Govier said: “I was a little surprised to hear about the property as it’s on a main street in Grangetown.

“But it seems like they’re being found all over Cardiff at the moment.

“We will be meeting with police to decide on a course of action.”

A total of 42 firefighters were at the scene at the height of the incident.

The street was cordoned off as fire crews tackled the blaze, which had started in the roof of the building and spread to a rear extension.

A firefighter was injured and taken to hospital suffering burns to his back and shoulders and has since been discharged.

The property was severely damaged but the fire did not spread to neighbouring properties.

Police urge anyone with suspicions of a property being used to grow cannabis to contact them.

Sergeant Gary Evans, based in Cardiff Bay Police Station, said: “The tell-tale signs of a cannabis factory [include] blacked-out windows throughout the house, residents who are hardly, if ever, seen or visitors and movement at late hours.

“Neighbours might also notice a strong smell.”

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