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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / Families are wanted to go behind in time and live off a Welsh seashore for a new TV series

Families are wanted to go behind in time and live off a Welsh seashore for a new TV series

A TV prolongation association in Cardiff are looking for families to go behind in time and knowledge Welsh coastal living.

Wildflame Productions are creation a TV programme that will be shown on BBC One Wales, that will see families stepping behind in time to 1906.

The array will reconstruct a normal fishing village on a imperishable seashore of North Wales.

The array will be an immersive experience. For a month, a participants will live and work as a fishing ancestors did – environment adult home in elementary fisherman’s cottages, wearing a clothes, earning a vital from a seashore and fast a misfortune and best a furious sea can chuck during them.

Participants will be approaching to fish from normal sailing boats, collect shellfish along a sealine, fodder for seaweed and furious spices and sell their things to fishmongers.

Wildfire Productions are looking for families to go behind in time and live on a Welsh Coast

Life will be tough though refreshing and governed by a tides and weather.

Producers pronounced that “knowledge of fishing or sailing is not required though a eagerness to tackle a plea is a must”.

The interest for people to take part

The producers are generally penetrating to speak to people with nautical links – maybe their great-grandfather was a fisherman or a beacon keeper, or their grandmother was a cockle woman.

Maybe their parents/grandparents came over to Wales from serve afield as sailors, dock-workers or shipbuilders.

You’ll have to live a small bit like this

The programme makers are famous for other ‘living history’ programmes such as “Coal House” and “Snowdonia 1890”.

If we and your family consider we have what it takes to tarry and flower in a chronological village like this afterwards request online during or for some-more information email casting@wildflameproductions or call 07599 812 383.

Programme makers are quite meddlesome in people with a ancestral couple to a sea

Closing date for entries is Jun 29, 2018.

The producers say: “We’re looking for families who wish to step out of a complicated universe and their comfort zones, to take on a new journey that will be severe and rewarding.”

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