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Home / Sporting Events / Fishing / First pinkish salmon held in Welsh waters for 30 years – people are now being told to kill them

First pinkish salmon held in Welsh waters for 30 years – people are now being told to kill them

A pinkish salmon has been held in Welsh waters for a initial time in 30 years.

The singular locate was done in a River Dee during a Chester fish trap monitoring station.

Anglers are now being told to kill a fish “humanely” and not recover them behind into a waters if any some-more are held around Wales.

Despite this being a Welsh first, countless reports of prisoner pinkish salmon were done around a UK in 2017.

The infancy were held in Scotland and off a north easterly seashore of England with a few removed reports on a UK’s west coast.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is propelling netsmen and anglers to news any others that might be held as they trust they poise a risk to a possess internal salmon.

David Mee, dilettante fisheries confidant for NRW, said: “It’s utterly surprising to find pinkish salmon in a waters, this might be a initial in some 30 years, yet there were countless reports around a UK and Ireland in 2017

“I’d titillate netsmen and anglers to hit us if they see any non-native salmon in a waters, with a date, plcae and, if probable a photograph, that would unequivocally assistance us brand them and build adult a design of where they might be.”

An picture of a pinkish salmon recently held on a River Dee-the initial to be held in 30 years.
(Image: Natural Rescources Wales)

Data on sightings is critical to establish any intensity impact on a internal sourroundings and species.

Pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha), also famous as humpback salmon, issue from a northern Pacific Ocean.

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The coming of a class is of regard as it might impact on Wales’ inland salmon and sea fish populations in a future.

The intensity impact of pinkish salmon is misleading during benefaction though it’s believed a fish might deliver parasites and illness not benefaction in internal salmonid fish.

Anglers are being urged by Natural Resources Wales to eliminate any pinkish fish held in Welsh waters, as they poise a hazard to a internal salmon.
(Image: Natural Rescources Wales)

River fishing in north west Wales

River fishing in north west Wales
(Image: Noel Hulmston)

Interbreeding is doubtful as pinkish salmon parent in late summer and Atlantic salmon parent in winter, however foe for food and space in hothouse areas between youthful pinkish and Atlantic salmon is possible.

It is believed a fish done their approach to northern Europe after being introduced commercially to Russian waters.


Anglers and netsman who locate pinkish salmon are asked not to lapse it to a water, instead to dispatch it ‘humanely’, record constraint date, length and weight and make a fish accessible to NRW for serve analysis.

Dave added: “Keep a fish and do not recover it behind into a water, even in rivers usually open for locate and recover angling.

Carrog Bridge with a River Dee issuing quick and high following complicated rain

Carrog Bridge with a River Dee issuing quick and high following complicated rain
(Image: Ian Cooper/Daily Post Wales)

“Report your locate on NRW’s 24-hour occurrence hotline series 03000 65 3000 and we will arrange to collect a fish.

Pink salmon can be identified by vast black oval spots on a tail, they have really dim mouths and tongues, and a males rise a hump.

In contrariety a internal Atlantic salmon have no spots on a tail, have a dark mouth and tongue and incomparable scales.

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